More L-Band Videos from 9A4QV: Testing 2x LNA4ALL + Filter + Patch, Receiving the Outernet Signal, L-band Filter

Adam 9A4QV has once again uploaded three new videos to YouTube, all related to L-band satellite reception. The first video shows how much L-band reception can be improved by using two LNA4ALL low noise amplifiers together with a filter placed in between them. Using two LNA’s instead of one improves the reception by about 2-6 dB. He also shows that L-band Inmarsat satellite signals at 1.5 GHz can even be received by his 1090 MHz folded monopole ADS-B antenna placed indoors.

The second video shows a reception report of the new Outernet signal. The Outernet signal is a new satellite data service being provided that broadcasts up to date news as well as various files and information such as educational videos and books for people in third world countries without internet. They have said that they are working on free decoding software for their service which should be released soon. The Outernet signal is a bit weaker than typical AERO signals, but can still be received quite easily with an RTL-SDR, patch antenna and 2 x LNA4ALL. The Outernet downconverter mentioned in a previous post should of course also work well.

His third video shows some tests on his L-band filter, showing return and insertion loss.

2x LNA4ALL and L band filter test

L band filter test

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Adam, you must be in a good location to get reception like that. I’m jealous. No way can I get an Inmarsat signal from inside my place.


Not so good location. I am 5km from the Adriatic sea and 260m ASL but nothing special. Horizon open in all directions except the south where all Geo sat are but still OK for quick testing.


Is there any schematic to make DIY LNA, suitable for dongle and ~1500 Mhz frequency ?

Terry Gaff

Many thanks Adam but I cant seem to find the LTCC device on that website.
Also, looking forward to the Mix4All.

Terry Gaff

Adam, Thanks for the new videos, very interesting. I assume that’s a SAW filter component you are using in the L-Band filter ? What device is it ?
Terry Gaff


Terry, L band filter has the LTCC filter from the link above.
Saw filter are usually much narrower than this LTCC that I am using.