Testing the Prototype Outernet Patch Antenna with Built in RTL-SDR

A few months ago satellite data broadcasting company Outernet created a limited number of prototype receivers that combined an L-band satellite patch antenna, LNA and RTL-SDR into a signal unit. This was never produced in bulk as they found it to be too noisy having the RTL-SDR so close to the antenna, but nevertheless it still worked fairly well.

Over on YouTube max30max31 bought one of these prototype units and made a video about using it for receiving and decoding various L-band satellite signals. In the video he first shows an overview of the product and then shows it receiving and/or decoding some signals like Inmarsat STD-C, AERO and Inmarsat MFSK.

IZ5RZR - Inmarsat - outernet Rtl-Sdr patch antenna

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I have one of these and looking for a schematic or description of test points and the header jumper. I think I need to reset the EEPROM as it comes up funky as 0xFFFF for device IDs and won’t be seen properly by rtl_eprom or zadig.