Simon Brown Compares the Airspy HF+ against the RFSpace NetSDR on SDR-Console V3

Simon Brown who is the author of the popular SDR-Console V2/V3 software has received an early review version of the Airspy HF+ and has uploaded some screenshots comparing it with the RFSpace NetSDR. The NetSDR is a high performance 16-bit DDC SDR with frequency range of 10 KHz – 32 MHz, and a bandwidth of up to 1.6 MHz. The base price of the NetSDR is US $1449.

The Airspy HF+ on the other hand is based on a polyphase harmonic rejection mixer design with 18-bit DDC and has a frequency range of DC – 31 MHz and 60 – 260 MHz, with a maximum bandwidth of up to 660 kHZ. It is not yet released, but is expected to be about US $149 shipped from China.

Simon’s screenshots show that despite its low cost the HF+ seems to perform just as well as the more expensive NetSDR.

If you’re interested in the HF+ we also have our own review available here.

New HF+ photo, with black metal enclosure.
New HF+ photo, with black metal enclosure.
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Jeffery Legere

Should update the article since we now know that the price is $199

Jeffery Legere

HF coverage between 9 kHz .. 31 MHz
VHF coverage between 60 .. 260 MHz

that is from their product page. sad to see it’s not DC-31mhz. without the lower bands, it’s a no go for me.

Simon Brown

9 kHz, not 9 MHz !

Jeffery Legere

Oh, thank goodness I cannot read.

Had I read that right it would have been a real shame.


What kind of antenna are you using for sub 9kHz signals.


I don’t know , I have a problem raping my head around some of the new terminology that people are coming up with like ultra low noise reflock . Reflock ??????????????????????????????????? When is see something like that I just bang my on the desk . Back in my miss spent youth the first thing that was on top of the list of SPECIFICATIONS was receiver sensitive and noise floor . Just try and find that in list now a days .

Simon Brown

Reflock – 10MHz reference for locking the internal oscillator so that the SDR is spot-on frequency-wise. I have rubidium and GPS reference locks, for example which I can recommend.


Hi Simon .
Why didn’t you say oscillator jitter , now that I understand . we had that problem on the Radio Receiver R-1051H/URR that we made for the Navy


i look forward to buying one, maybe two or three when they have them available, i will probably buy one when they are first released, then 6 months to a year later two more


Simon, what are you waiting to release the VHF screenshots? 😀

Simon Brown

Ah – just time really. Don’t have many strong VHF signals here but can use GB3NC 2m repeater, FM Stereo BBC Radio Cornwall and APT weather satellites.

My VHF log periodic is down at the moment so bear with me please.