YouTube Guide: Installing GQRX on Windows 10

GQRX is a general purpose GUI based SDR program that is typically used most often on Linux and Mac computers, however it is still possible to install and use it on Windows. Over on YouTube M Khanfar has uploaded a tutorial video that shows a step by step guide on how to get GQRX running on Windows 10.

The process is a little long as it involves an install of Windows GNU Radio, Python, pip and various Python dependencies required by GQRX, as well as setting up the Windows PATH. If you prefer a text guide, the full tutorial is also typed out in the YouTube video description.

GNU Radio , GQRX in Win10 installation Guide

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why would anyone want to do all this!?
All you need is either SDR Sharp or SDR Console v3.
And thats all you need!

George Alberta, Canada

Alan Clark

Hi everyone.

As Anonymous mentions above the Pothos SDR package for Windows, will install a working GQRX for Windows with no fuss and no need for Python etc. It works fine with RTL-SDR out of the box so to speak, but might need some work to get it working with Airspy, SDRPlay etc.

Pothosware homepage is here:
Windows software is here:

Other packages will be installed too, including an up-to-date Cubic SDR.


airspy and sdrplay 100% support.

JongIn Kim

Thank you.. I found it…..




I concur, download install and open GQRX…