A Warning to Ukraine Based RTL-SDR Hobbyists

While we usually don't encourage politics on this blog, with the possibility of a Ukraine invasion by Russia we just wanted to issue a general warning to Ukrainian SDR owners. Last year we saw Stanislav Stetsenko a resident of Crimea arrested by the Russian Federal Security Service under suspicion of being a Ukrainian informant. The evidence against him was that he was an aviation and plane spotter hobbyist who used RTL-SDRs for listening in to aircraft communications - something of which many of us do in safety. 

Back in June 2021 Stanislav was facing 25 years in prison. We still don't know what has happened to him. If anyone local has heard any updates please let us know. (UPDATE: US1GBF in the comments below knew Stanislav personally and has provided an update: Stanislav was reportedly transferred from Crimea to a Moscow prison. The Ukrainian authorities are working on the exchange of Stanislav. However, the exchange has already been postponed many times because of the refusal of the Russians to diplomacy. Work continues.)

From our website and sales statistics we know that there is a sizable RTL-SDR community in the Ukraine. We don't know what will happen if there is an invasion, but it's possible that, like in Crimea, Russian security forces will see SDR hobbyist activities as a threat, so we urge Ukrainian residents to have a plan to take down any web feeds and antennas should it come to the worst.

EDIT: This post has stirred up quite the discussion. As long as comments remain civil comments will remain open. This post is not intended to take sides. Whilst many Ukrainians in the amateur radio community already know to keep their activities safe during conflicts, we are aware of many young Ukrainian STEM students and hobbyists that may be somewhat insulated or not care about geopolitical events, who read our blog and copy activities that are safe to perform in most countries, but may not be safe in the Ukraine during times of conflict.  

Crimean resident arrested for RTL-SDR use in June 2021
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Federal Farmer

Biden is quick to come to the aid of his Ukrainian investments. He is “the Big Man” after all. The bidens have millions to lose if Russia invades, and they will sacrifice countless american lives to ensure their revenue is not interrupted. I just retired…..spent the last 20+ years fighting all over the world in US military. I’m tired of watching my brothers and sisters in arms die in faraway lands for corrupt politicians. Any of you wanting war with Russia, shut your trap unless you want to put your life where your mouth is. Sign up, do the training, and deploy there to fight yourself. If you’re not willing or able to do it, then stop running your mouth about war and potentially getting g others killed because of it.

Rom Grandia

I think the posted article is a discussion about how to keep Ukrainians safe.

At the time of the comment I Iam responding to, (February 19, now March 4) virtually no US military support has been discussed. I agree That US troops have been used in careless and arbitrary ways, and I hope you are beginning to see that Putin (not Russia) Is proving to be an existential threat to what is left of the order of the world. It sends me to say that I don’t think we will have any alternative but to join the world in the fight. I hope I’m wrong.


I’ll start burning CD copies of Fortunate Son for all of us.


No USA soldiers are fighting in this war unless they volunteered and have been approved by the Ukrainian military.

Biden is doing the right thing and American tax payers are winning this war. I am happy my tax dollars are going to destroy this evil regime’s military. Russian military losses compound how much the USA is spending. 30 billion in last gen munitions is nothing compared to how many billions putin already lost.

You needed military funding and support when fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan. Ukraine asks for support when fighting against a genocide.


Thanks rtl-sdr for bringing this up. In these dire times one has to take side sooner or later, otherwise they’ll come after you. Sadly even here there few Russian trolls (No_War, Aleksandr) trying to advance their braindead agenda of “referendum” and “people’s republics”. It’s crazy how many resources russians put into propaganda that even here, on a radio website, you get this scum…

For ones who believe in “if you don’t do anything illegal you’ll have zero trouble”: it doesn’t work in modern Russia, and especially occupied Crimea. Over there cops and security services have so-called “показатели” (monthly unit stats), which roughly translate to number of “spies” and “terrorists” caught per month. If your unit’s stats go up – you get bonus pay. If you monitor Crimean news, you’ll be horrified how many people are taken because they’re “terrorists” and/or “were transferring secret information”. You can go to jail just because you were standing peacefully holding a Constitution book (no joke). Most of the people go there “just because”. There’s no law and justice unless you don’t have money and/or know someone up there in police/security structure. Russian judicial system is virtually non-existing. If you don’t believe me, look Navalny up, for example.

It’s 2022, people, time to wake up: Russia is deeply ill and it’s torturing people. Ukraine is at war since 2014. It’s a shame it’s 2022 and people still go by mantra of “don’t believe the news it’s all propaganda”, which in the end means you still believe some news, just more fitting your mood.


Слава Україні! Героям слава!
Glory to Ukraine! Glory to Heroes!


1. A person lives near a US base and is addicted to rtl-sdr.
1. Another person lives near a US base and is addicted to rtl-sdr. He passes all the data to Russian intelligence.
Guess which of them is a Russian spy?
So if a person is fond of rtl-sdr, this does not mean that he cannot be a spy.
And it is high time to critically perceive the stuffing of the State Department …


Alex, you are wrong, what is heard from the military bases in the analog is invalid information. And they do not need hostile amateur services from RTL-SDR to know what they say, e.g. airplanes on analog frequencies because they have global listening systems, the USA has AWACS that monitor the area of up to 5,000,000. km. the russians have it too. Have you heard about stray frequencies? (they use their F-16s in combat mode) and you won’t eavesdrop on it. Important strategic info is digitally transmitted via 5G, TETRA, DMR (which has AES 256 encryption) and good luck and patience when trying to decode. In Europe, 80% of the services are already digitally encrypted and a rather ordinary bread eater has no chance to decode their voice.
Regards A. from Poland


Is it legal or not todo this planespotting?

In Germany it is official illegal.


Russians have a very subjective concept of legal and illegal. if they want, then even for reading the bible they will declare you an extremist


Can you proofe it?
Lot of ppl say lot of things. And most will be false.


Yes. I can prove it. example – Jehovah’s Witnesses in Russia. and in particular in the Russian-occupied Crimea. unfortunately the Germans were blinded by cheap Russian gas. they don’t see the obvious.


Nope, Germans aren’t Blind by russian gas. We sell gas to poland, and don’t buy from russia.
Jehovah’s Witnesses isn’t a free religious group, it is nearly a sect, thaths may be the difference


Yes. I can prove it. example – Jehovah’s Witnesses in Russia. and in particular in the Russian-occupied Crimea. unfortunately the Germans were blinded by cheap Russian gas. they don’t see the obvious.


Are you an expert in the field of religion? Who gave you the right to decide which religion is a sect and which is not? Let me remind you that Jehovah’s Witnesses in Germany were severely persecuted by the Nazis. The same is happening in Russia. And you repeat the Russian mantra. Be ashamed


Rights to do good or bad does not mean we condone the bad when it infringes on other peoples rights. Freedom of religion mean you can worship a lizard if you want to. It does not mean lizard worship is just as valid. There is truth beyond perspectives and He does not change(character), even when you think He did something wrong. JW’s problem is they deny the very power of Christ Jesus as LORD GOD. My prayer is any JW (or Mormon) does not give up Jesus when they see this. And this does not matter how you were raised. Both kids and parents have gone south, divided. It’s past the time to stop teaching lies about equal “religion” beliefs. They are stated differences that do conflict. It’s the one not man made that wins. THE One. Your life depends upon this.


Paul Dirac’s Views on religion

“Heisenberg recollected a conversation among young participants at the 1927 Solvay Conference about Einstein and Planck’s views on religion between Wolfgang Pauli, Heisenberg and Dirac. Dirac’s contribution was a criticism of the political purpose of religion, which Bohr regarded as quite lucid when hearing it from Heisenberg later.[51] Among other things, Dirac said:

I cannot understand why we idle discussing religion. If we are honest—and scientists have to be—we must admit that religion is a jumble of false assertions, with no basis in reality. The very idea of God is a product of the human imagination. It is quite understandable why primitive people, who were so much more exposed to the overpowering forces of nature than we are today, should have personified these forces in fear and trembling. But nowadays, when we understand so many natural processes, we have no need for such solutions. I can’t for the life of me see how the postulate of an Almighty God helps us in any way. What I do see is that this assumption leads to such unproductive questions as to why God allows so much misery and injustice, the exploitation of the poor by the rich, and all the other horrors He might have prevented. If religion is still being taught, it is by no means because its ideas still convince us, but simply because some of us want to keep the lower classes quiet. Quiet people are much easier to govern than clamorous and dissatisfied ones. They are also much easier to exploit. Religion is a kind of opium that allows a nation to lull itself into wishful dreams and so forget the injustices that are being perpetrated against the people. Hence the close alliance between those two great political forces, the State and the Church. Both need the illusion that a kindly God rewards—in heaven if not on earth—all those who have not risen up against injustice, who have done their duty quietly and uncomplainingly. That is precisely why the honest assertion that God is a mere product of the human imagination is branded as the worst of all mortal sins.”


The very idea of God is a product of the human imagination. It is quite understandable why primitive people, who were so much more exposed to the overpowering forces of nature than we are today, should have personified these forces in fear and trembling. But nowadays, when we understand so many natural processes, we have no need for such solutions.

And then one day such people meet God in reality and are shocked as their ‘no more need for God’ dogma collapses in a blink of an eye…

I can’t for the life of me see how the postulate of an Almighty God helps us in any way.

but He does it every and all day …


Russians and Russian law system are completely different things. Dont be a racist


We’ll see if this is true in a few days.


My friend, do not separate Putin from the Russians because they brought him to power and even now they look at him as if he was God. Russians are a dumb mass (and I know what I’m writing about, I’m from Poland) they oppressed us for 40 years until 1990. After the collapse of the USSR, most of the Eastern Bloc Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Lithuania, Estonia (EU countries), etc. and Ukraine (which is not in the EU) but all these countries have transformed and are Democratic countries and they respect the community and somehow all get along . And Russia and Russians do not learn anything from Stalin and are stuck in the darkness (because it is so convenient for them) what kind of sheep they were, they are. In Europe it is said that Russia is not a country but a state of mind. How in the age of the Internet and travel (because a large proportion of Russians for money) you do not know what is happening in the world ?!


Political issues? LOL! They are going to war! The Admin was simply warning people there to be careful if they have a SDR as they could go to prison or worse.

Jake Brodsky, AB3A

Without getting in to the political issues of what is going on in that part of the world… We, as a community of people with very high tech monitoring that used to be only available to intelligence agencies, need to tread with great care so as not to give political leaders cause to turn us all in to outlaws.

This may seem unfair. But real life isn’t fair. There are people in power who do not like what we do.

You can tell how people react by looking at the very earliest days of radio at legislation such as the Radio Secrecy provisions (Section 602 of the Communications act of 1934 passed by the US Congress). There you will find obsolete guidelines that amounted to what you could and couldn’t disclose from what you heard on the air. Then as time went on, these idiot leaders went and tried to define how UHF scanners could behave so that they couldn’t cover the old AMPS cellular band. Why? Because some fool followed then speaker of the House, Newt Gingrich, and recorded him talking to a mistress. Did it really stop monitoring of those cell phone calls? No. It only pushed it underground.

This tension has always existed. It exists for every regime. This is about control. If you give people in charge reason to fear you, they will act poorly. My suggestion is to observe. But do not act on what you hear, unless you are willing to fight battles that may very well ruin you, your friends, and your family. The people you will piss off may very well retaliate in ways that will be most anonymous and unpleasant.

I sympathize with Stanislav Stetsenko. He is probably quite naïve not to realize the blowback of what he was doing.
Dictatorships have especially low tolerance for this sort of technical subversion, even if only done as a context of being a hobby. I hope this issue is resolved soon. And one more thing: Many regimes tell us the ignorance of the law is no excuse. Allow me to point out that ignorance of science, technology, and curiosity is no excuse for a stupid law. Those who attempt to legislate against that current will discover that it is very corrosive to the rule of law.


Unfortunately the ignorance that Dictatorships have toward technology has spread to the US. As you pointed out the Cellular blocking was but a minor annoyance, yet a bellwether . Now the government wishes to ban all sorts of personal encryption by citizens while at same time blantantly eavesdropping on them by NSA, CIA and Corporations. If your government does not trust you it is a very serious thing. Not trusting the government should be the norm. There are frightening times ahead.


Stanislav’s father was a military pilot – a hero. He participated in the liquidation of the nuclear accident at Chernobyl and subsequently died from radiation. Stanislav is a very modest and pleasant young man. He loved aviation and radio. He is Ukrainian and lived in Crimea, which was occupied by Russia. Stanislav did not represent any danger. After all, the negotiations of the Russian military aviation are heard not only in the Crimea, but also far beyond its borders in mainland Ukraine. It was another vile act of intimidation from the Russian occupiers

Philip Collier

Stanislav is being persecuted by a thug regime which is way overdue for collapse. His case is a perfect example of why the regime of gangsters jailing him are having a hard time retaining allies (except for allies which are also regimes of thugs). Tell me how that young man is a threat, when there are plenty of professionally operated ISR flights watching the seized territories and doing expert analysis? As one who has been an avid aviator and aviation monitor for more than four decades, I will keep Stanislav in my prayers that he may be strong, survive this ordeal, and someday enjoy a return home.

A promise, not a threat: without justice there will not be peace.

Phil AB9IL.net


I am very displeased that technical portal is falling into political hysteria and becoming involved in other countries political matters, trying to judge who is right and who is not, just by consuming information fed to them by mass media.
It looks disgusting and subjective, very inappropriate for real engineers who should be above politics and borders.

1)That arrest is far for clear. As Russian authorities claim, his crime is not in using RTL-SDR, but in providing analysis and information for Ukrainian intelligence.
Do you think civilian living near Area 51, capturing all radio transmissions, doing analysis and forwarding info to Russia, for example, will stay free, if his activity will be discovered?
2)It is general rule, in any countries are involved in military conflicts, and especially in disputed zones, citizens must be extra careful with sharing information they received over SDR and even using SDR openly.
3)Instead of theoretizing and joining “coach analytics forces” and MSM hysteria, better to build guidelines of operating SDR in various countries that might have restrictions of using SDR and sharing information from it:
For example: https://www.scmp.com/tech/policy/article/3155895/chinas-crackdown-flight-tracking-devices-leaves-companies-and-hobbyists


Wumao have arrived on scene! Be aware that “other countries” and “other people” can quickly become “your country” and “you.” Cheer for the thugs all you want, but it will not save you when your time comes.

We all know that the issue is not spying, but persecution and unjust treatment of civilians. Intelligence agencies do not need or waste time with hobbyist observations; they have their own billion dollar recon platforms and teams of experts to correlate radio, radar, and photographic data. Military ISR flights are plentiful, watching Eastern Europe and disputed territories in the Far East.

Locking up people with air band radios is merely another way klepto regimes control people.

Jim Osterberg

Sure thing Vlad! Russia is the real victim here.


Denis, I will repeat my question. what secret data could Stanislav collect with the help of ADS-B? The second question is what secret data could Stanislav collect in the aviation AM band, where all negotiations are open? The third question is why would the Ukrainian special services recruit Stanislav in the Crimea, if the negotiations of the Russian military aviation can be easily tapped outside the Crimea on the mainland of Ukraine? The arrest of Stanislav was an act of intimidation of local residents – citizens of Ukraine.


Stanislav did not spy for Ukraine. He was just fond of aviation and did not share ADS-B. There was no point in recruiting him, because the negotiations of Russian military aviation are heard far beyond the borders of Crimea on the mainland of Ukraine, for example, in my city, 200 km from Crimea. It’s just that Russia is intimidating everyone who does not recognize the occupation of Crimea.


Crimea was not occupied because a Russian military contingent had always existed in Crimea.
In addition, the people of Crimea with the referendum of 2014 decided with 95% of the yes to return with the motherland Russia, this is because they are Russian and have a Russian language.


Russians from Crimea must go home – back to Siberia, to where they were brought in 1944..


the presence of a Russian military base in Crimea did not automatically make it Russian territory. The so-called referendum in 2014 was held under guns by Russian soldiers in uniforms without identification marks. Crimean Tatars generally ignored this fake referendum. It is not recognized by the United Nations. He was recognized only by a couple of countries – the same totalitarian world outcasts as Russia


Lies – 100 yr lease is not same as invasion… world doesn’t need evil ex soviet criminals pretending to run modern Russia. Russia should be democratic. ADSB listening is globally acceptable… but criminals don’t like it…


с швабры встанешь, потом пиздеть будешь, маня дочь офицера.

Fight or Roll-over

Stanislav Stetsenko’s homeland, Crimea, was stolen by Russia, and they will give it back to Ukraine. That referendum in 2014? A total sham. Civilized people don’t fight for trivial things, but Ukraine is worth the trouble. We are all spineless future victims of Russia if we worry more about our own little lives and are not offended by Russia’s treatment of Mr. Stetsenko. What will we do when they snatch you or maybe your son or daughter tomorrow?

Russia didn’t take Stetsenko because of a silly little rtl-sdr. They took him because they could – why not?

Alec M1BNK

In many countries listening is seen as an even more weird hobby than “normal” amateur radio, most ordinary people will as why, what for? It’s not surprising that in an armed conflict radio listeners can become low-hanging-fruit for security officials under pressure from above to root out spies and foreign agents


In my Country all Offcial Radio Communication is Encrypt so listen to some other thinks like Public Transport, Ship, Shops,… is as listen to FM Radio just for entertainment.


Wow…things have got really heated here.

Actually, i have to admit it is safer to never declare what you are doing in public even if you live in a country like Australia. Wasn’t it not very long ago when a kid from Western Australia got picked up by the cops for running RTL-SDR and capturing pager data. The kid unknowingly or knowingly (i don’t know, so let’s not debate it) had left the machine connected to the internet which meant the data got indexed and some smart TV report with half baked tech fundamentals decided the kid was guilty of breaking laws…….infact what the kid had done was exposed used of open / clear text transmissions.

Thank you RTL SDR community for what you’ve created. Users everywhere ought to be careful what they do with the data they collect, see. Never assume that those in power are there to protect you.

From Down Under


Yep, I remember that story, the kid was questioned, but when they understood that the kid didn’t do anything illegal they went into damage control mod e… What kind of moron transmits sensitive information over the waves in clear text? Could have been a kid, or some bad actor .. so, better be a kid .. 😉
But in a country like Russia, don;t know where the kid would be now…


In my country its illegal to even listen aka receive, decode Pager Messages. Here the local Ambulance Provider transmit there Dispatch Data UNENCRYPT via Pager!!! So everyone know when someone (Full Name…) get Transport to the Hospital….


Let’s stop talking politics and get back to the hobby. thank you


it would be funny to read the comments if Russia occupied part of Holland, for example, or Corsica or Sardinia in the Mediterranean. Maybe Sicily. And then I would send the radio amateurs living there to prison for using SDR. How do you like that?


Why would that be funny? I don’t see the funny side of this …


because many here still do not believe that Russia has occupied part of Ukraine and is ready to move on. Europeans are only interested in cheap Russian gas


Я выпущу его незадолго до запуска Meteor M-N2-3. Я действительно обещаю.


… according t Googl etranslator this is in english …
“I will release it shortly before the launch of the Meteor M-N2-3. I really promise.”
Which begs the question: what????


Pretty sure it was google translated to Russian too. Some trolling..


Парень с синим ключом, умник..
Люди, использующие синие ключи или любые другие дешевые продукты sdr, представляют угрозу для расширения страны.
Из-за шпор передача данных может быть неправильно понята или получена, что может привести к конфликту.
Люди с v3, Airspy и sdrplay в безопасности, без тюремного заключения 🙂

А ковид это швабская шутка..


it’s a troll who google translated everything to pose as putin (his nickname of “вставить” is “to put in” in russian). comment text is en->ru google translated gibberish, last line even mentions covid (where’s facepalm reaction over here?..)


I live in a free country (Western Australia, free even from COVID mostly, so far); as a licensed radio Amateur my home address is listed on the public ACMA register; so, should I think I am in some kind of danger because of Mr. Putin or some other moron like him?
I’m sorry to be so straightforward with you Mr. Putin, but trust me, I’m doing this with the utmost respect; Respect that it would seem you don’t have for your neighbours and for the rest of Western Europe; you might think or have calculated that you might gain something from this attitude, but the ONLY outcome you will achieve if you continue down this path is more and more sanctions and if you invade, HUNDREDS of thousands of young Russian, Ukrainians and likely from other nationalities, will just perish in vain!
Why don’t you try with Economics, or good old diplomacy?

Do you REALLY think that in this modern day and age (we are in 2022 if you haven’t yet realised it …) Western Europe and the US (and Australia) will tolerate aggressiveness of this magnitude on a global scale like you are threatening to unleash?
If you invade the only outcome is WW3, don’t underestimate the willingness of Western Europe and other like minded countries to go to war against Russia if need be; we won over the Nazis and today we are better prepared, so, don’t think we can’t win again …

Russians per se are a beautiful people, the country is gorgeous; but you are driving your beloved Russia straight into a war that you cannot win; don’t make the same mistake Saddam Hussein did; Don’t destroy Russia;

In the end You, I the Russian People and all of us westerners, we all love the same things; a good meal, a cosy home, a nice Family … don’t you, Mr. Putin?

You cannot win this war, Ukraine is not alone; And I know you are thinking that China will use your war as a distraction to carry out it’s own agenda (invade Taiwan, Japan and Australia … they have planning this for a very long time dont think we don’t know that … ).
But in the end it would only end in nuclear Armageddon; DO YOU REALLY WANT THAT FOR YOU, YOUR FAMILY AND YOUR COUNTRY? And ultimately for OUR PLANET?

Cool down and THINK before acting Mr. Putin for the sake of your children, and your Country.

Kind regards and I hope you have a very nice day.


I don’t think Putin will read this. If he does, he will be ordering Polonium tea leaves for you. He is a short, small minded thug and wants to leave his mark on the map. I hope the US stays out of this and he gets tired of not getting the attention he craves.

Soviet russian

“Do you REALLY think that in this modern day and age (we are in 2022 if you haven’t yet realised it …) Western Europe and the US (and Australia) will tolerate aggressiveness of this magnitude on a global scale like you are threatening to unleash?
If you invade the only outcome is WW3, don’t underestimate the willingness of Western Europe and other like minded countries to go to war against Russia if need be; we won over the Nazis and today we are better prepared, so, don’t think we can’t win again …
Russians per se are a beautiful people, the country is gorgeous; but you are driving your beloved Russia straight into a war that you cannot win; don’t make the same mistake Saddam Hussein did; Don’t destroy Russia;”
Russians do not want war, it is NATO troops that have come to our borders and even already on the territory of the former USSR.
If you don’t know the Australian, the Russians won World War II, along with Great Britain and the United States, but we took Berlin and Hitler. So this is again for us to clean out the Nazis, even if they come to our land of the USSR in the face of NATO forces.


And now, what will you say, strong Ruthenian, we have March 13, 2022 and Russia got a disgusting spanking Ha, Ha, Ha. You are occupiers and nobody in Eastern Europe who has dealt with you hates you. Poland


Rosja jest od czasów caratu carów bandyckim narodem jak i wrzodem Globu ziemskiego W Putin marzy o powrocie ZSRR W Putin i jego otoczenie to CCCP

A Messenger

I see the propaganda is thick and deep here in the comments section, and likely in the article also.

Here is the truth: All technical people everywhere, regardless of what technology they are into or in which country they live in, period, should keep their activies quiet and their gear as hidden as possible, for the safety of themselves and their families. That’s the bottom line. The people who foolishly sign themselves up to various government lists and have a giant antenna array prominently displayed outside their house are painting a very large target on their backs.

If you think you live in a “free” country somewhere, anywhere, you have been lied to by the propagandists. Every nation is under control of the Evil One.

Consider yourself warned.


I live in the Luhansk People’s Republic and no one knows who attacked us. For half a year, the Ukrainian military tried to destroy us with the help of aviation and heavy artillery, until Russia intervened and stood up for our defense. Do not believe the false media, but look on YouTube how the Ukrainian army killed us in 2014.


Did Ukraine attack itself? Luhansk region is part of Ukraine, how could Ukraine attack itself? And why did Ukraine attack only Luhansk and Donetsk regions, why did it not attack Kyiv, Zaporizhia, Kherson or Lviv regions? Could it be that Russia has occupied part of Luhansk and Donetsk regions, and Ukraine is defending its territory? You don’t know who attacked you, you haven’t seen how to seize goverments buildings and hang Russian flags on them?


The fact that Lugansk and Donetsk were part of Ukraine did not give her the right to destroy her people according to political views. Ukraine sent troops to suppress the protests of the civilian population against the coup in Kiev, although it did not have the right to do so under the constitution.


civilians do not storm patrol areas with a target in their hands and do not destroy passenger planes.


с швабры встанешь, потом пиздеть будешь, маня дочь офицера. Чем “народ” Луганска отличается от “народа” Донецка? Песни есть народные? Ваш Луганск занюханный чуть больше моей Горловки. Вы еще там республику корчите из себя.


You live in Luhanks … great … just tell us … how is nice to live now with mafia gang / warmonger !
Ho yes, i forget … you are simple citizen, there is no russian either little green men in your area.
The OSCE drone are jammed with your microwave oven …and weapons are all found in mine coal … like the missile system were … found in a Kinder surprise !
CCCP / Russia … claims they are not imperialist but … invade the neighbour :
* Katyn slaughter … ?
* South Korea civil airplane downed ?
* sent tank to Praha ?
* sent tank to warsaw ?
* sent tank to Georgia ?
* sent army in little green men Crimea ?
* sent army and mafia gang in east ukraina ?

Ukraine has a border … Poutine do not care about people like in crimea … he just wanted to keep naval base … Crimean people still waitting money … hoo i remember Medvedev … no more money but you have the sun to live … but russia has big money to buy weapons … CCCP memories da!


Is it snowing in Moscow today?


Lier. Russia finances bandits and separatists in eastern Ukraine. supplies weapons and mercenaries from his own country there, tests his newest weapons there and considers this a war against America, a war against NATO. Why shouldn’t Russia occupy Alaska if you want to fight so much? But no. Russia attacks those who are smaller. And behaves the same in Georgia and Abkhazia and in Ossetia and Moldova. He creates conflict, finances terrorists, distributes Russian passports, and then distorts everything with the help of propaganda. It’s disgusting.


You are right, furthermore the republics of Lugansk and Donetsk are inhabited by Russians who feel Russian and speak Russian. Do you want the free self-determination of the peoples? Then the Republics of Lugansk and Donetsk also have this right.


If they feel Russian, they can go to Russia. Peoples who do not have their own country have the right to self-determination. For example, Crimean Tatars have this right. The Ukrainian diaspora in Canada does not demand that parts of Canada join Ukraine, citing self-determination for the people.


So any restaurant of national food will announce that it is independent and will create its own military army. This is madness. Is your brain okay?


Sorry everyone Russia have NO reason for an Invasion into Ukraine! The are not stupid and the know the would be fu… if the would do so! Now and over the Years the get a nice amount of Money from selling Petrol Products to Europe. Why do the want risk anything to not get any Money from us? Sry everyone pls think for your self and dont repeat what “the Media” say.

Beside of this everyone in every Country should know the Law! Here in good old Europe many Country have some anti Spy Laws. In mine its legal to spy on other Country from our Soil but not on my Country them self (sure). So everyone who use an RTL SDR should know what is legal or maybe not! Thats why I keep the premise shut up and dont talk, listen dont talk.


I live in Ukraine . Russia plans to recreate the Soviet Union. therefore, she has reasons to attack weak neighbors. And then Russia will invade Europe.


After all, it was Europe that allowed Russia to start a war in Georgia, to occupy Abkhazia, South Ossetia, part of Moldova, Ukrainian Crimea and Donbass. In fact, it annexed the whole of Belarus to itself. You Europeans allowed all this. You have business with Russia. you want cheap gas. But the Russians won’t stop. They will come to you too. Wait a little more..


And after the Ukraine and Europe they will invade whole known universe!


Then why they invaded Crimea ? … just for fun ? Ha yes Poutine think he is a jedi !


they will capture as much as you allow them to capture because of your inaction. Putin said that Russia has no borders. The Russian world has no borders. Think about it. We have already thought. The Russians have killed more than 14,000 Ukrainians since 2014. This is the price of the Russian world. And she is much taller.


you’re just a bullshitter. You understand nothing of geopolitics. Look at the smart bombs of dear American friends how many civilian deaths they made in Afghanistan and Iraq. Look at the lies about weapons of mass destruction they used as an excuse to attack in Iraq.
Let him who is without sin cast the first stone.


This is common on russian troll, when they have no argument, insulte is the master word !

Smart bomb ? You forget the carpet bombing in Tchechinia ?
Does US … forced afghan or Irak people to speak only English and then put a an american flag over the country ?
Let him nothing … Poutine glorify URSS lost … and he is much more imperialist.
What does russian in Africa ? African people speak russian too ?

Mass destruction ? Poutine used mass destruction weapons on Moscow theatre, recall us how much civil were killed with the neurotoxic gaz ? Read well what he told to US president about Kurks ? Sailors was dead either after 30 minutes so who cares ? Democracy in URSS is finished now, this is not change the party , i rules and will rules !


Russian are wrong … they bully all around and then claims to put order and protect … shame on them !
URSS … Russia in 2022 … seems nothing changed !


I would advise anyone in Ukraine to disconnect any online SDR radios they have to prevent them being coopted to monitor milatary comms.


Putin’s army would also like it very much.


here is Stnislav’s page. You can express your support. but do not forget that the Russian FSB is behind his profile


I know Stanislsv personaly. Stanislav was reportedly transferred from Crimea to a Moscow prison. The Ukrainian authorities are working on the exchange of Stanislav. However, the exchange has already been postponed many times because of the refusal of the Russians to diplomacy. Work continues

Putin is a virus

ADSBexchange.com didn’t bow to Chinese CCP and will not bow to Russian gangsters.


Feed through a VPN.

Bruce Robertson

Maybe you should take your database of sales to the area off line, to protect them from state sponsored hacking. Especially now that the Article title is in search engines.


Can hardly imagine the damage that could be done if someone were to invade a countries borders. They should build a wall in Ukraine.