A YouTube Review of the ColibriNANO SDR with Remote Server and Web Interface Demo

Over on YouTube user Laboenligne.ca has uploaded a review of the ColibriNANO. If you didn't already know the ColibriNANO is a low cost but high performance direct sampling receiver designed for the HF bands. Currently it costs $269.95 US from nsiradio. It now competes almost directly with the recently released Airspy HF+ which is a lower cost $199 unit with similar performance specifications.

Laboenligne.ca's review initially goes over the specs of the ColibriNANO and usage of the free ExpertSDR2 software that is used with the ColibriNANO. He also shows how the ColibriNANO can be connected to a Raspberry Pi 3 and used remotely over the internet. This is similar to the Airspy's SpyServer, but the difference is that ColibriNANO's server interface works in a browser via HTML5, so it can be used on any platform including mobile devices. Of course the ExpertSDR2 software can also be used to connect to the server as well. In his review Laboenligne.ca notes that he is very impressed with the remote web interface and has set up a public server demonstration of his ColibriNANO available at vpn.laboenligne.ca. He notes that if there is no reception to try again later, as he may be using the antenna on another radio.

The ColibriNANO SDR receiver review (English version)

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