YouTube Tutorial on Setting up a Soft66IP RTL-SDR

Over on YouTube user Danny Shortwave And Radio DX has uploaded a video showing an overview and tutorial about setting up the Soft66IP RTL-SDR. The Soft66IP is a custom RTL-SDR that is made in Japan by JA7TDO. It is an RTL-SDR with upconverter and LNA built into a box together with an embedded computing platform. We’re not sure what the computing platform is, but it is likely to be something similar to a Raspberry Pi. The computing platform is then used to run an rtl_tcp server, and so via a network cable or WiFi connection the device can be accessed by a remote PC.

On the video Danny gives an overview on what the Soft66IP is, and what features it has. Then later in the tutorial he shows how to SSH into the Linux server on the Soft66IP, set it up for your local network, and then later how to connect to it from a remote PC.

How to setup Soft66IP for your Local Area Network with SDRSharper

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