An OpenWebRX fork with additional built in decoders

Thank you to Stefan for letting us know about a relatively modern OpenWebRX fork by luarvique that comes with additional built in decoders and features, such as SSTV, AIS, CW, RTTY, an MP3 recorder and SSTV image browser.

OpenWebRX is an open source web based SDR receiver program that allows you or others (if you allow them to), to access your SDR over the internet. It is compatible with KiwiSDR, RTL-SDR, Airspy, SDRPlay and many other software defined radio hardware. It was originally developed by Andras Retzler, but since abandoned by him, with a semi-official fork being maintained at However, other forks like luarvique can exist that implement a new set of features.

The full set of additions and improvements reads as follows:

This is the package repository for the improved version of the OpenWebRX online SDR. The new and original features available in this version of OpenWebRX:

  • Built-in SSTV decoder with background decoding.
  • Built-in AIS decoder.
  • Built-in CW decoder.
  • Built-in RTTY decoder.
  • Built-in MP3 recorder for received audio.
  • Image browser for received SSTV images.
  • Adjustable noise filtering based on spectral subtraction.
  • Adjustable tuning step.
  • Improved touch screen operation, with panning and zooming.
  • Improved scroll wheel support, with tuning and zooming.
  • Improved tuning in CW mode.
  • Bandpass filter adjustable with scroll wheel.
  • More reliable SDRPlay devices operation.
  • Better map information, with distances.
  • Better APRS map information, with weather.
  • Configurable session timeout, with a policy page.
  • HTTPS protocol support (requires SSL certificate).

The code comes packaged for Ubuntu 22.04 (amd64, arm64) and Debian 11 (amd64 arm64, armhf). There is also a ready to use Pi 4 SD card image available, linked on the GitHub readme. The original forked code can be found at

According to discussion over on the OpenWebRX, the fork also runs on a Pi 3. In the image Neil Howard from the forum demonstrates an SSTV image he received with an SDRplay clone using the luarvique fork of OpenWebRX.

SSTV Image received by the luarvique fork of OpenWebRX. Credit: Neil Howard
SSTV Image received by the luarvique fork of OpenWebRX. Credit: Neil Howard

Stefan also notes:

The maker of OpenWebRX+ Marek and also the maker of the original version of OpenWebRX Jakob are reachable via a Telegram channel:

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Phil C, AB9IL

Y’all are a cantankerous group in here LOL. If anyone wants to see OpenWebRX+ in operation, YouTuber “Tech Minds” did a very nice 15 minute demo. I’m happy to see that it includes a synchronous AM demodulator as well as ability to plot stations which do position reporting on APRS, VDL2, and ADS-B.

Not only does it work, but it is open source and has potential for more expansion. There is even a Docker image, so getting this software is even easier than before.

neil Howard

Just for the record, I didn’t write the article, but that is my screenshot 🙂
I started on my Pi3 with a standard OS and simply added the repositories that are linked in the article and it all worked first time (I had to follow instructions to get my SDRPlay clone working though).
It has updated via apt-get a number of times since I installed it, and works perfectly with the old P3 getting up to 80% CPU with one user sometimes, which is no issue as it is for my use only.

I have used both the original OpenWebRX & this OpenwebRX+ versions on my Pi and I recommend botht to anyone with a spare Pi and and SDR with like to experiment with stuff!


I tried to run it but it looks like it uses a custom version of pycsdr and I’m not sure what fork to install so i reverted back, looks neat though.


That is because the poster who “authored” this article has not bothered to provide a repository link, among other things.


That’s the very first link in the article.


No, not really.


It’s because I didn’t install it cleanly from the repository, i’ll try again at some point as it looks interesting.


Got it working, neat stuff!


So, who is “Marek” and why doesn’t “luarvique” have a real name?


You answered your own question..”because its none of your goddamned business??”