An Unfiltered ADS-B co-op: ADSBexchange

Recently Dan, a reader of wrote in to let us know about a new web project he’s started called ADSBexchange is similar to services like and, but with one key difference. ADSBExchange explicitly states that they do not and will not filter ADS-B traffic for security reasons. Other similar services all filter FAA BARR (Block Aircraft Registration Request), military and other potentially sensitive ADS-B data. However, Dan argues that filtering the data is simply unneeded security theatre as anyone can build their own unfiltered receiver for very cheap. He writes:

I recently started a website that collects SDR ADS-B and MLAT data (typically from dump1090) worldwide, and displays it unfiltered – . This means that military, “blocked” and other “restricted” traffic is available to see, which is unique as far as I can tell.  We’ve recently tracked a U2 over the UK above 60,000 ft., Air Force One, and various diplomatic aircraft.  Additionally, there is a database of all previous aircraft “sightings” searchable on various parameters.

All of my research indicates this is legal, but perhaps “frowned upon” by local authorities.  The major flight tracking sites seem to not want to make any waves and voluntarily strip this data from their public feeds, even though they are typically fed “unfiltered” data from their volunteer participants.

The service is currently looking for RTL-SDR users who feed ADS-B data to join their feeding program so that they can expand their service coverage.


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The site is great. Additional feeders are signing up at least every other day. If you are an aviation or SDR fan this is a very fun and interesting project.


” this web site ( ) has been blocked because it has been determined by Web Reputation Filters to be a security threat to your computer or the organization’s network. This web site has been associated with malware/spyware.”


Bogus comment.


What do you mean by that?

The site really is blocked by my corporate proxy with that message.


Make it a Tor hidden service so that it cannot be shut down.


Great, now I can see all the aerial surveillance patterns from those cell-phone snooping planes. It’s terribly sad how much gasoline tax money is wasted on surveillance of our own citizens.

No More Chemtrails

Can’t wait to see flight path data correlated with satellite weather imagery to start to tie hard evidence to proving or disproving chemtrails and geo-engineering.

Stanley Braithwaite

lol you should try reading some basic science textbooks man. maybe chill on the podcasts & videos for a while to study up on basic earth sci fundamentals…