ARRL QST Review of the SDRplay RSP2Pro with Independent Lab Measurements

In the latest version of the ARRL QST magazine editor Steve Ford (WB8IMY) has released a comprehensive review and set of measurements for the SDRplay RSP2 / RSP2Pro. The review is also freely available online in pdf format from the SDRplay website (pdf warning).

The review initially focuses on the differences between the RSP1 and the RSP2 units, explaining how most differences occur in the front end circuitry. WB8IMY then goes on to review SDRuno, the official software package of SDRplay units. The review is fairly brief, but the most interesting part is the lab test results which are displayed throughout the review.

WB8IMY performed several benchmark lab measurements such as frequency coverage, MDS (minimum discernible signal) levels (note MDS measured at 400 Hz instead of the standard 500 Hz for some reason), noise figure, AM and FM sensitivity, blocking gain compression dynamic range, two tone IMD tests, second order intercept points, FM adjacent channel selectivity and more. The results can be useful for comparing against other SDRs.

ARRL RSP2 Lab Measurement Results
ARRL RSP2 Lab Measurement Results (see the PDF for the full set of results)
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louis aubree

The review of the RSP2Pro in QST makes reference to a Lab Notes sidebar that was never released. (with the * at the end of the measurement table)