Online 101 Course on RTL-SDR, DSP and MATLAB Starting Soon

Thanks to Juan Moreno for letting us know that his online MOOC (massive open online course) on RTL-SDR is starting on September 25. The course is presented by Juan and three of his colleagues from the Technical University of Madrid. It will focus on SDR 101 knowledge such as digital signal processing with the aide of an RTL-SDR to help with practical learning. In their video they also mention that MATLAB and Simulink will be required and used for most of the course, so it will probably be a fairly technical beginners course at a University level of learning. Their description of the course reads:

SDR is a reality around us. It is present in a lot of systems everywhere and is a versatile technology which can be used for many things (not only academics and industrial). The purpose of this course is to introduce students into general-purpose SDR tools. The SDR hardware platform chosen for this course is the RTL-SDR. It is worldwide available, it’s cheap ($15) and there is a lot of help in the Internet. But, as far as we know, there is no other MOOC focused on an introduction to SDR as this MOOC. Here we will not only learn about SDR but also a lot of related areas like antennas, digital signal processing, radio frequency and communication electronics.

The website and registration forms seem to all be in Spanish or Portuguese, but the course will be presented in entirely in English. Google Translate can easily be used to help with the signup process. The course is completely free and students that complete 75% of assignments will receive a free participation certificate. A more official accomplishment certificate can be obtained for a 50 Euros.

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Hi all,
i am interested in learning SDR with MATLAB but unfortunately the link for this course gives me 404 error.can someone help me in this regard.


I tried to use the RTL-SDR with Matlab some time ago. Although I had access to an (quite expensive) Matlab license, still an additional license for talking to the RTL-SDR was required…
Matlab is fine, but too expensive for the average RTL-SDR user.


Whoo hoo free courses ftw !

Ricardo Junior


I understand that MATLAB will be required for the course. Question is: Could Octave be used instead? Octave is compatible with Matlab in many aspects, and is available for free.

Best regards.


MATLAB publishes an official ‘add-on’ module that is pretty simple to install and provides functions for working with the RTL-SDR library. I don’t think it is compatible with OCTAVE because I believe the ‘add-on’ uses classes and object oriented programming stuff which isn’t available on OCTAVE yet.