Broadcastify Calls: Radio Call Archiving + Incentives for SDR Software Developers

Broadcastify is a large scanner audio streaming site which provides live audio streams of Fire, Police, EMS, Aircraft and Rail communications across the USA and in many other countries. These streams are all provided by volunteers running scanners and software defined radios like RTL-SDRs in their local areas.

Recently Broadcastify have announced the beta of their "Calls" platform. This allows them to provide not only live streams of audio, but also an archived history of every radio call received. We believe that this is a technology similar to Radiocapture. The service advertises 30-day call retention, duplicate call handling, live call playback, playlists playback, tight integration with the RadioReference database and detailed statistics of the call and source.

Currently you can contribute received calls to Broadcastify via the Trunk Recorder software. However, Broadcastify recently wrote in and wanted our readers to know that they are providing incentives to SDR software developers to adapt their software in order to allow calls to be ingested into the Broadcastify Calls platform. 

We're announcing developer incentives for the Broadcastify Calls Platform.

If developers adapt their SDR based application to function as a call ingest platform for Broadcastify Calls, Broadcastify will pay them up to $2,500 for their efforts. Here are the details:

  • To qualify for incentives, developers must apply and have an approved agreement with Developers can request to be part of the incentive program by contact us at [email protected]
  • When first system comes online in production on Broadcastify Calls, developer receives a $500 USD check
  • When 5 systems come online in production on Broadcastify Calls, developer receives an additional $2,000 USD check

Documentation for the API can be found here:

Broadcastify Calls
Broadcastify Calls
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Wouldn’t be well adapted to provide this feature ?
Basically add output and post to Broadcastify API


Please don’t buy into this. Broadcastify makes a profit off of volunteers and adds to the issue of encryption in the scanner community.


Exactly. I’ve been saying for years that no one should contribute anything to Radio Reference/Broadcastify. They profit mightily while doing almost nothing for all of the volunteers that provide the data for their databases or the audio for their streams.


recently i’ve been feeding them BS data n the attempt to obfuscate talgroups that arent actually encrypted, and keeping my own logs of talkgroups i’ve found