TechMinds: Hands on with the Elektor SDR Arduino Shield Learning Kit

The Elektor SDR Hands-On-Kit is a low cost (€49.46) SDR learning package that makes use of the Elektor SDR Arduino shield which turns an Arduino microcontroller board into a 150 kHz to 30 MHz capable SDR receiver. It also comes with a book that teaches several basic SDR concepts.

Over on YouTube TechMinds has recently uploaded a video where he unboxes, constructs, and tests the kit using the free G8JCFSDR SDR software. TechMinds also notes that this SDR Shield can also transmit with 10mW of power, and that there is a tutorial included in the book that shows how to use the shield as a simple WSPR transmitter.

Elektor SDRShield - Hands-on Software Defined Radio Kit

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Alex vd Kleij

Why don’t you call it Whisper?
Nice video nevertheless.

Mark Gamber

Just an FYI to those in the US…I bought one of these shortly after reading this article and a couple days later received an email they they’re not allowed to ship to the US until further notice due to the pandemic. So if you’re thinking of buying one, hold your breath.