Dictator Alert Fundraising

In the past we've posted about the Dictator Alert project a few times, as it makes use of ADS-B data contributed to ADS-B Exchange via volunteers who typically run an RTL-SDR as part of their ADS-B reception hardware. The project aims to track the movements of Dictators around the world via their use of private jets that can be tracked via ADS-B logging.

Over on Reddit the leader of the project Emmanuel has posted asking for donations. If you think this is a worthy project, please consider donating.

I'm raising some funds for our www.dictatoralert.org project which tracks aircrafts used by dictatorships all over the world (using SDR!). You can see all of the tracking for free on the website and several twitter bots (LondonParisGenevaEuroAirport).

The hosting costs me around $80 per month, which probably isn't a lot, unless you're a freelance journalist. I also hope to raise a bit more to make the project grow further with investigations (like this one on surveillance planes in Somalia or another on rich Frenchmen who used their jet to avoid COVID restrictions on travel.

You can give one-off donations or sign up to the Patreon, then I'll set you up with email alerts for your "favorite" dictators, airports, or any plane you like.

Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/dictatoralert

One-off donations: https://dictatoralert.org/donation/

Please don't hesitate to ask questions and let me know what you think!

Dictator Alert. A Twitter bot reporting on dictator movements via ADS-B data. dictatoralert.org
Dictator Alert. A Twitter bot reporting on dictator movements via ADS-B data. dictatoralert.org
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Sulio Pulev

Sorry,who say who is dictator? Bullshit american propaganda to washed stupid american minds? Please DO NOT use sdr for unk own political scope. Its dangerous also it is illegal to “spy” private life be it “dictators”,or veeeery democratic fools like Trump, Biden or whoever else. Stop this untill its not to late and remove this article. Sdr site is not place for politics. And “freelance journalists” as fast suicide as better.


LoL wut


Putin Dictator? 🙂

Even More Anonymous

Of course. Everybody is a dictator, who I say so.

I.C. Veener


Ben Dover