Fixing Factory Defective FL2K Dongles

If you've recently purchased an FL2K-SDR to use as a cheap osmo-fl2k transmitter and found that it only works on USB 2.0 ports, or at very slow sample rates, then you may have received a defective unit. Over on his blog Yohanes Nugroho discovered that his FL2K-SDR was experiencing these issues. Upon opening it up he discovered that the wiring inside looked different when compared to the sample image found on the Osmo-FL2K website.

Looking further into it he found that the USB wiring was soldered on incorrectly. After resoldering the wiring Yohanes was able to get the FL2K-SDR working properly at high sample rates on USB 3.0 ports.

FL2K-SDR Rewired
FL2K-SDR Rewired


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