Steve M’s Video Presentation about Osmo-FL2K Released

Recently we've been posting about the release of Osmo-FL2K which is a software hack that allows cheap $5-$15 USB 3.0 to VGA adapters to be used as a transmit-only capable SDR.  It is an excellent compliment to the RTL-SDR.

Osmo-FL2K was created by Steve Markgraf of Osmocom who gave a presentation on it at this years OsmoDevCon conference. The video was released today and in it he explains the history of VGA transmitter hacks, explains how Osmo-FL2K works and finally discusses some results.

USB VGA dongles and SDR

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  1. DE8MSH

    Since he opened RTLSDR for the public he’s the god of reverse engeneering low cost adapters!

    Keep up the good work, Steve!

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