An Enhanced Version of Freqshow for Raspberry Pi’s with Touch Screens

The Freqshow software is an RTL-SDR compatible tool for Raspberry Pi devices that can render live spectrum and waterfall displays. It is designed to run on portable touchscreens that plug into the Raspberry Pi. We've posted about freqshow a few times in the past.

Recently Dan Stixrud has created an enhanced version of Freqshow. Over on the his post on the Adafruit forums, Dan explains the improvements as follows:

The additional features are many. Additional features include: Full resolution zooming, I and Q Swap, 9 different pre FFT windowing functions to choose from. Center frequency offset or shift. PPM correction for the RTL2832. FFT averaging or FFT peaking. Easy frequency up and down from main screen. Easy Scale adjustment from main screen.

On YouTube he's also posted a video that demonstrates the software in action when running on an Adafruit 2.8" and Pi Foundation 7" TFT capacitive touch screen. Dan uses the software as a panadapter for his ham radio.

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Are there any tutorials on how to get the audio to play out of the pi?


It where nice for a quick installation to have a image from you.


If the panadapter does not work with the most recent version of Raspbian needs to have these lines commented out when using the 7” official PiTFT:

os.putenv(‘SDL_VIDEODRIVER’, ‘fbcon’)
os.putenv(‘SDL_FBDEV’ , ‘/dev/fb1’)
os.putenv(‘SDL_MOUSEDRV’ , ‘TSLIB’)
os.putenv(‘SDL_MOUSEDEV’ , ‘/dev/input/touchscreen’)



 michael – it which file?

Lenny Krueger If you haven’t already figured it out.