Fundraising for RTL-SDR Development

Kyle Keen, the primary author of the well known and highly used rtl_fm, rtl_power, rtl_adsb and recently released rtl_sdl tools has started an indiegogo fundraiser to help raise funds to pay salary for ideally at least one month of dedicated RTL-SDR software coding. Kyle is hoping for $3,000 USD per month of coding. The time he codes for will scale proportionally to the amount of funds raised.

There are several levels to contribute at but the ideal contribution is the ‘Voter’ level at $50 USD. By contributing to the fundraiser at the ‘Voter’ level you will be able to have a vote on what features are to prioritized. It is also possible to contribute at a lower level of $10 USD and forego the voting perk.

The list of features to be implemented and the voting system can be found at Important improvements will be made to the librtlsdr library, rtl_sdl, rtl_adsb, rtl_tcp, rtl_power and rtl_fm..

We hope that if you have enjoyed the RTL-SDR in some form you will contribute to this developer and help make this hobby an overall better experience.


  1. Kyle

    So, for the record 95% of the code I’ve written for rtl-sdr works on Windows. A big reason for writing rtl_fm was all the people running XP on an Atom who had no way of doing SDR. I wrote the patches to get rtlsdr to compile under mingw, so linux folk could cross-compile windows binaries. At some point I’ll be setting up an automatic build server for windows as well.

  2. dude

    Naw It’s not really meant for windows. no support from me. If Keenerd was to do extensive programming for windows users I mean way more than linux then yes.

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