The GNU Radio Signals Challenge is now Live

GNU Radio have today released their latest 'Signal Challenge'. This is an online competition that contains three digital signal processing related problems. They write:

At 1222 EST on 21 Feb 2018, we posted a new signals challenge! There are *three* different challenges hidden in this signal capture, and the solution to each is a text message. One is on the easier side, and the two others are more advanced. If you believe you have found a solution, DM the answer to @gnuradio on Twitter or e-mail [email protected]!

The first THREE people to solve each of the three challenges will be declared winners. There will be nine winners in total. One person can only win one challenge; if correct solutions are submitted for multiple challenges, the first will count as the win.

The winners will receive honor and glory, plus some awesome GNU Radio stickers!

Good luck, and Happy Hacking!

More information and any updates can be found on their Twitter @gnuradio. Good luck to anyone participating!

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Here is a write-up for the challenge: