Decoding Morse Code and Weather Faxes with an RTL-SDR

Over on the YouTube channel Tech Minds the presenter has uploaded two new RTL-SDR based tutorial videos. The first video gives a bit of background and shows how to decode Morse code with an RTL-SDR. He uses SDR-Console V3 and the Morse code decoder CwGet. With this he's able to decode a few calls from some ham radio operators.

In the second video Tech Minds shows how to decode Weather Fax with the RTL-SDR. Weather faxes are images of weather charts sent over HF frequencies. In the video he uses SDR-Console and SeaTTY to do the decoding and demonstrates reception of an example fax.

The Real Matrix - Decoding Morse Code Using An RTL SDR Receiver

Receiving HF Weather FAX Using An RTL SDR Receiver

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Great post, TechMinds. FLDig and MultiPSKi works well too, and also a book written by Steven Handler, “Just The FAX” is a handy reference to have of worldwide FAX stations. Got my copy from Universal Radio in Ohio.

Here, stations from Australia and New Zealand can be heard early mornings sending FAX.

The commentator did a great job explaining Facsimile and the optics were superb.


fldigi can do both of these as well, though it’s a bit of a clunky interface.