A Guide to Using SDR-Console V3 for Accessing and Creating Remote Servers

Jon Hudson, head of marketing at SDRplay has recently released a helpful tutorial that shows how to access remote servers in SDR-Console V3, and also how to set up your own server too. As you may already know, SDR-Console V3 provides a remote server platform which allows you to access all sorts of SDR hardware remotely over a network connection or over the internet. Some SDR hardware owners even opt to share their radio hardware publicly over the internet for anyone to access. The video description reads:

This video is a screen-by-screen guide to both accessing, and setting up your own, remote SDR radio using the new (Feb 2018) SDR Console V3 software from SDR-Radio. Although the guide uses an RSP2 from SDRplay, this will work with all the popular SDRs

Please note - you need to have a good internet connection since (unlike in V2), the entire I/Q data is being sent over the internet. This also limits how much visual bandwidth you are can see at any one time.

Links referenced in this video:
More videos on https://www.youtube.com/c/SDRplayRSP

Be careful not to plug multiple SDRs into a single USB2 socket - for multiple SDRs, you may need a powered hub ( like this: https://www.amazon.co.uk/UGREEN-Adapt... )

Once you are up and running - please go to http://www.sdr-radio.com/Software/Ver... and view your listing - if there is a yellow triangle, then you are not accessible outside your own firewall - attention is needed! Just because you can access it on your own LAN doesn't mean it's accessible via the internet!!!

The RSP family of SDRs from SDRplay cover 1kHz to 2 GHz with no gaps and give up to 10MHz spectrum visibility.

Jon's video first shows how to use SDR-Console V3 to access those publicly shared SDR radios over the internet. The second part of the video demonstrates how to set up your own server that you can use remotely for personal use, or to share over the internet.

The SDR-Console V3 server accepts various kinds of SDR hardware including RTL-SDR, Airspy, SDRplay, HackRF, Elad, LimeSDR and many more SDR units so this is a good way to explore various types of hardware, or simply to explore signals from different areas around the world.

SDR-Console remote access for SDR Radios

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Kevan Wilson

I have sdr console up and running It only allows one user to log on to it. once a person is on the server it tells anyone else the radio is in use The documentation says it supports up to 10 users So far it limits to one user.


I also have this problem, I would like to know more information on how I can share until 10


Did you ever get this resolved. I have the same problem.


Loyal followers that have been providing open access through their V2 servers for some years now, have been gradually obliterated by the new stuff. Don’t misunderstand me… I love progress. We have no other goals than to embrace technology and to support the brilliant people behind it. Sadly, many of us can’t access their own QRM with the SDR console V3 anymore. SDR console 2.0 has been flashing messages like “Your have an Expired Licence… get out!” Asi es la vida!
I still love the SDR console!. I USB it to an SDR play (Tony Parks, Softrock transceiver and some other RLT-SDRs.
I’m waiting for the day we can access our radios with an open source browser. I’ve already connected one of my repeaters with the FCForb app, another interesting setup. Keep up with the great work fellows!

Sivaramaprasad Kappagantu

Dear Sir/s,

Its a good video made very painstakingly with all required details. I very much appreciate and thank you for providing this video.

I recently purchased a SDR-RTL2832-R820T from FabtoLab (details in this link https://www.fabtolab.com/SDR-RTL2832-R820T). The vendor nor the distributor nor the Lab provided any details of configuration.

I very much request you to kindly post a tutorial video for configuring SDR-RTL2832-R820T in SDR Console software. There may be many many people with similar SDR on their hands but groping in the dark and getting frustrated not able to configure it. Kindly, post a tutorial video.