SignalsEverywhere: Setting up and using SDR++ Server

On this weeks SignalsEverywhere episode, Sarah demonstrates and shows us how to use the SDR++ Server, which was released as a beta earlier this year. SDR++ Server is similar to software like rtl_tcp, and Spyserver as it allows us to connect to a remote networked SDR like an RTL-SDR. Compared to rtl_tcp and Spyserver however, SDR++ Server has a huge advantage in that it is compatible with almost any SDR, and enables the full range of control options for RTL-SDRs.

In the video Sarah shows us how to activate the SDR++ server module and how to connect to a remote RTL-SDR running the SDR++ server on a Raspberry Pi. She goes on to show how to connect to other SDRs running on the Raspberry Pi as well, such as the SDRplay RSP Duo, LimeSDR, Airspy R2 and Airspy HF+ Discovery. Finally she goes on to show how to set up the server on Windows and a Raspberry Pi.

SDR++ Server | Remote RTL-SDR SDRPlay LimeSDR AirSpy and More! | Raspberry Pi and Windows Setup Tut

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I am getting an error invalid command line option p and when I remove the pee it gives me an error server mode is not implemented yet


I installed everything according to the Instructions, but every time I try to run sdrpp, I get this: “bash: /usr/bin/sdrpp: No such file or directory”.
Any help? 🙂


I did my best to install the software per the instructions, it did not work. I contacted the video poster for assistance to see if they wanted to clarify things. They choose not to. The video poster openly solicited funds for the video. I would much rather support the programmer who spent years developing the software.


The second link in the description and pinned comment is the developers patreon….

John B

Good on you for highlighting a shill in geeks clothing.


In my last comment I meant believe rather than beliebe – in case someone wondering what that word means. thx


I personally do not want this website to die and I love all kind of articles posted here incl. Sarah’s who I beliebe does a lot for the community. THANK YOU!


 admin. Probably best to delete this conversation before it gets out of hand


De-Evolution has attacked Sarah at other places too… in the most vicious homophobic way. Not sure what is wrong with him / her or why he / she things people have to live the way his / her way… poor, very poor person… lack of understanding and love.


Maybe “de-evolution” simply believes in science? And this blog is related to science.


Why do so many people think that a video like this (and a poorly composed one at that) is a better way to describe software setup than just a simple step by step guide? Have we really de-evolved to the point where people can’t follow a bulleted list anymore, and instead have to watch a video of another amateur stumbling through it? Not only are youtube videos for things such as this inefficient, they are far harder to follow than a simple list! Can you check off items on a list as you complete them, and make notes next to these items for next time you complete the task? Yes! Can you do anything like this for a youtube video? No!
All of you should watch the movie “Idiocracy”. We are halfway there. Very prophetic movie. The quality of “tutorials” started trending downward when people moved away from concise step-by-step guides and moved towards “youtube video”, and I fear we are still nowhere near the bottom.


Consider removing the ‘science’ comment that Fallacies made. Mario’s suggestion below is right.
There’s absolutely no need for anyone here to be attacking the person making the video, especially for reasons not related to the subject matter. It’s in poor taste and in poor character. People can take their political ideologies and religious convictions to their favorite belief structure’s designated echo chambers.

Thanks for your work and everything you do to enrich this community, Sarah. //TR++