SDR++ Server Beta Now Available

SDR++ is a general purpose receiver program compatible with almost any software defined radio including the RTL-SDR. Recent developments have seen the author release a beta of  "SDR++ server" which is a program that allows users to access SDRs remotely, by connecting to them over a network connection. This is similar to existing server applications like rtl_tcp and Spyserver, however like SDR++ itself, SDR++ Server is compatible with almost any SDR and that is a major drawcard.

The server is still in development and the author notes that he is still working on adding new features like lossless compression techniques in order to reduce network bandwidth requirements. However, it has already seen to be running well in tests with a remote server positioned half way around the world, even without compression enabled.

We note that SDR++ author 'Ryzerth' has a Patreon. If you like seeing these SDR++ developments please consider support him.

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Nice software in a way. Looks a lot like SDR#.

Tried it for a while with my RSP but not much fun.
The audio on the ham bands is really terrible. A pity there is no RF gain as the AGC is way too fast,
Also on AM broadcast the audio is pumping, while on SDR Uno it isn’t. Something strange going on. On FM it is quite okay but noise reduction doesn’t do much here. Oh yeah, on LSB I could hear a USB station, not very strong but really annoying. When I turn up the NB the audio gets really loud and distorted.

A long way to go to get as good as SDR Uno. But a good start. Always good to have alternatives.