Gorizont-RTLSDR Linux Distro Updated to V2.0.3

Gorizont-RTLSDR is an RTL-SDR focussed Linux distribution based on Xubuntu 20.04 LTS. Recently it was updated to V2.0.3. The creator Steve Cox writes: 

New release and upgrade of gorizont linux, v 2.0.3. uploaded to sourceforge. The new AMSynch option in gqrx 2.14.2 works rather well for broadcast stations in direct sampling mode.

  • gqrx 2.14.2 - now with AMSynch mode!
  • SigDigger 0.1.0
  • Universal Radio Hacker 2.9.0
  • gqrx-scan
  • Welle.io 2.2 for all your DAB and DAB+ needs.
  • Baudline
  • fldigi
  • fmsg
  • Due to multiple issues with linux versions of Dream DRM, Dream DRM is now installed as a Win 32 .exe running under wine. It works!
  • w-scan for creating DVB-T/ATSC/etc. scan files for TV viewing using VLC

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Ian B

I have had problems with recent Linux versions of Dream DRM so I adopted the method used in Gorizont and run Dream 2.1..1 win32 version under Wine. I also added the dll for AAC+ decoding (faad2_drm.dll). Like Gorizont, I’m using Xubuntu 20.04LTS. If you do this, set Dream Sound Card Audio settings to default and use Pulse Audio Volume Control Mixer (pavucontrol) to locate audio paths from GQRX or SDR++, which I’m now using.

Ben Z

Works great from my bootable USB, but when I installed it to the hard drive i am missing most of the programs that would appear on the desktop of the bootable USB. The grub screen to load it just says Ubuntu… no mention of Gorizont. Any help would be appreciated.