Gorizont-RTLSDR Updated to V2.0

Earlier in the year we posted about the release of Gorizont-RTLSDR, an RTL-SDR focussed Linux distribution based on Xubuntu 18.04. The distribution has now been updated to Version 2.0. The creator Steve Cox writes: 

  • rtl-sdr v3 specific, built for terrestrial signal reception and decoding - no air, maritime or satellite decoders included.
  • gqrx 2.13.2
  • Xubuntu 20.04 LTS base.
  • Dream DRM included.
  • wine32 wineprefix for running 32-bit Windows decoders and applications (some included...)
  • librtlsdr updated to Hayati Ayguen's fork.
  • Systemback included in build for directly updating and customising .iso and USB image on the go.
  • Full build environment included in build - hence the size!

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  1. Mario

    Nooelec amazes me constantly, they are always coming up with new and interesting products and applications for the SDR enthusiast. Thanks for the great work Nooelec.

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