SDR# FM Co-Channel Canceller Added

A few days ago the developer of SDR# added a very useful AM Co-Channel canceller plugin, and just today he has also added a new FM Co-Channel canceller. A Co-Channel canceller allow a user to remove an interfering station, allowing a buried station to be received cleanly. This is especially useful for DXer's where strong local and weak distant overlapping stations are likely to be received at the same time. The plugin works with all SDR# compatible SDRs including the RTL-SDR.

On a related note, we wanted to point out that recently the Airspy website and downloads have been getting flagged by some antivirus software, however we believe these detections to be false positives caused by the very frequent update schedule of SDR#.

SDRSharp FM Co-Channel Canceller

Over on Twitter we've seen a couple of videos from @K7al_L3afta demonstrating how well the new FM Co-Channel canceller works.

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François Guillet

With version 1772, the choice of the “RTL-SDR (USB)” frontend is no longer accessible, RTL is only in TCP, and the “UHD / USRP” one doesn’t propose anymore the selection of the DLL to use, preventing me from using an SDRPlay. I can’t test the co-channel canceller.
It seems that the “FrontEnds.xml” file is not used anymore.
Is this a specific problem on my side or do you observe the same thing?

Timothy Roberts

You still have to execute that install-rtlsdr.bat file thats in the directory. Than USB should show up.


Anyone else has SDR# freeze on exit or when clicking the start/stop button a couple of times? I’m using an RTL SDR dongle and I tried the last 3 builds (1770, 1771 and 1772), all of them freeze… I removed the new AM and FM co-channel cancelers (by editing Plugins.xml and deleting the dll) and it improves things slightly, after that freezing doesn’t occur immediately, it takes 2 tries instead of 1 lol


yes, I’ve been seeing this too…

Joerg, DL8EBM

No I have not seen that effect, but I am currently not using my RTL-SDR, does that also happen when you switch from the generic USB device to the R830T driver? I only have issues with the community edition, where the display is stuttering though CPU is under little to no load.
Maybe some manually installed plug-in causes that to happen? Does it also happen in a new directory with an untouched fresh download?

Joerg, DL8EBM

I use an Airspy HF+ at 768 KHz bandwidth and am unable to raise the co-channel bandwidth high enough to be able for it to work. It always stops at around a third of the actual set FM bandwidth?! I don’t have this problem with the AM-co-channel plug-in, since the bandwidth is by design much lower. I guess I have to increase the internal processing sampling rate, but I haven’t figured out how to do that. In the above examples they use bandwidth that are completely unthinkable with my configuration. Can anyone give me a hint how to change that? My I7 CPU is bored to death with the app, so it should work fine once the configuration ihas been corrected.
Many thanks for hints in advance
73 Joerg, DL8EBM