GUI for Controlling the R820T2 Filters and Registers

Recently a program called R820T2Tweak_Patched was released which is a GUI for GQRX that allows you to manually control not only the three RF gain settings on R820T2 RTL-SDRs, but also the four filter settings as well as the registers directly. The R820T2 is the most commonly found tuner chip on RTL-SDR dongles, and is generally considered the best for most applications. 

The GUI could be useful for advanced users wanting to experiment with the various lower level R820T2 register settings, or for anyone that wants ultimate control over the filters in the RTL-SDR. 

The software is based on the original R820Tweak which has the same features except the ability to control the registers directly.

R820Tweak_Patched GUI. Control Gain, Filters and Registers.
R820Tweak_Patched GUI. Control Gain, Filters and Registers.

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