Harvey Mudd College Learn SDR Course with RTL-SDR, PlutoSDR and GNU Radio on YouTube

Professor Jason from Harvery Mudd College in California has recently uploaded a 23 lesson video series on software defined radio digital signal processing (DSP) concepts that can be learned with an RTL-SDR, PlutoSDR and GNU Radio.

If you're looking for a University level introduction to DSP this looks like a good hand on approach to learning. It covers concepts from a simple FM radio receove in GNU Radio, to doppler radar with PlutoSDR, to digital modulation, pulse shaping, GPS reception and more.

All the GNU Radio flowgraphs are available on their class GitHub as well.

Playlist: Learn SDR with Prof Jason


  1. Leonard

    Professor Jason is quite an interesting person! When I was at university I attended some of his lectures. I liked his collection of self-reflection essay examples https://samplius.com/free-essay-examples/self-reflection/ which were published in a student magazine. Now Professor Jason is doing technical projects and I was surprised when he started doing software radio. Those students who study with him are real lucky ones, because he is a professional and well versed in various sciences. There is a lot to learn from Jason.

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