HDSDR Version 2.80 Beta Released

HDSDR is a popular general purpose multimode program for Windows that supports various SDRs including the RTL-SDR. Version 2.80 (beta) of HDSDR was released a few days ago and brings with it a few GUI and feature updates. An extensive description of the changes can be found in the change log, but briefly the changes are:

  • GUI buttons updated to a more modern and cleaner look
  • Improved friendliness to blind users during IQ recording playback
  • A better IQ file player with the ability to loop over a certain time frame
  • Improved snap to frequency option
  • Improved LO tuning with an "autochange LO if necessary" option
  • The ability to sort IQ recordings by date
  • Ham/broadcast band spectrum identifiers added
  • Ability to import the HFCC frequency list into the frequency manager
HDSDR v2.76a (left) vs. v2.80 (right)
HDSDR v2.76a (left) vs. v2.80 (right)


  1. phil

    the previous version was ok
    but with this new version I get a message
    “extio dll not active”
    I you a site for downloading right vesion


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