RTL1090 Beta Version 3 Released

The beta version of the popular ADS-B decoding software RTL1090 has been updated to version 3. Version 3 comes with a simple radar visualization scope built into the software, which allows you to see aircraft directly in the RTL1090 software.

News via this Radarspotting forum post

RTL1090 now with a built in scope
RTL1090 now with a built in scope


  1. Andrew Wignell

    In the main rtl 1090 window there is a config button when you open this it asks for my home location what do you enter in the location I have tried all configurations but it will not accept the figures it put in

  2. Rich

    Came right up and worked okay. The standard stock antenna only sees planes out to 30 miles. But this software is making me want to build or buy a better 1090 mHz antenna.
    It would be really cool, if I could overlay a local map from Google earth.


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