RTL1090 Beta 2 Updated to Build 102

Popular ADS-B decoding software for the RTL-SDR RTL1090 has updated it’s beta version to build 102. This new build has the following improvements

– Decoder improved by brute force 1-bit error correction and brute force DF11 and DF17 override for unknown DFs. This may be tough stuff for slow computers. If your computer slows down considerably return to a previous version please.

– Tabs introduced – List/Table selection moved to Tabs.

– Stats tab added: this brings back the previous status bar info about USB packets per second.

– II/SI tab added. This tab adds the ability to quickly scan the Mode-S interrogator codes around. A “radar1090.txt” file can be added to the rtl1090 folder that holds II/SI code decodings. A sample file is attached. The II/SI collection can be reset by a right mouse click action. The recently seen codes and the last aircraft responding with that code are display in red onwhite.

– Context menu (right mouse click) for text window, “listhold” established by menu selection, revoked by mouse click.

You can download the latest beta from http://rtl1090.com

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