RTL-SDR with HF Upconverter Mod Built In by Kn0ck

Update: KN0CKs products are now available at http://www.kn0ck.com/HF_SDR/.

A few months back we posted about Marty Kn0ck’s plans to sell an RTL-SDR dongle with integrated HF upconverter.

This dongle is now for sale at easy-kits.com.

His RTL-SDR + HF upconverter combination is different to the other combinations posted previously, as Marty uses tiny surface mount components to fit the entire HF upconverter within the dongle casing itself. The result is an RTL-SDR that is capable of tuning between 0 and 30 MHz which goes for $100 USD.

Marty Kn0ck Integrated RTL-SDR

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