2-in-1 RTL-SDR and HF Upconverter on a Single PCB

A Hungarian hardware developer has been working on what appears to be a 2-in-1 software defined radio, combining the rtl2832u and E4000 tuner chips together with a HF upconverter all on the same PCB. The device is able to tune from 1MHz to 1.7GHz, and has two antenna connectors, one for the HF antenna, and another for the VHF/UHF antenna. Using the Google translation is difficult, but it seems the board has a protection diode, 100MHz oscillator, low noise amplifier (LNA), isolation between the two antennas, and also retains the ability to receive DVB-T and DAB broadcasts.

The developers article in Hungarian on this combined tuner can be found here, and a Google English translation here. Another version of the page which looks to be a product ordering page can be found here, and Google English translation here. We aren’t sure if the developer is still shipping these devices as the eBay listings have all gone down, but it seems you can order one by contacting the developer from the website.

Update 27 May 2013: Version 3 of this combined rtl-sdr can be now found for sale at this link. http://janielectronics.com/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=94.

RTL-SDR Combined Tuner

The developer has posted example videos on YouTube of the device working with SDRSharp.

rtl sdr 1MHz-1700MHz ig New !!! Janilab & pmrradio.hu

This video looks to be a demo of version 2 of the combined tuner.

RTL SDR V2 . teszt 3,5 Mhz antenna sirio gp27s

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Bjr, suite à l’ achat de: (dongle:clé usb 2.0 dvb-t stick)
(converter hf sdr ham it up 1.2)
je ne parviens pas à avoir avec SDRsharp toutes les fréquences , qu’en wfm mais avec une modulation haché . Pourriez vous me donner si possible le pourquoi et comment pour résoudre le problème
je tiens à vous précisez que je n’ai sur mon pc que 512 ram et suis sous windows xp pro .
Dans l’ attente d’ une réponse de votre part , recevez mes salutations .


Just wanted to mention I am Hungarian too, so if you need any help with translation or communication feel free to drop me a mail.


Domi please is it possible to buy this tuner kit or atleast thePCB?
Thank you
[email protected]