Version 5.0 of the CT1FFU Upconverter Now Available

Version 5 of the popular CT1FFU HF upconverter which is often used with the RTL-SDR and Funcube software defined radios has been made available for sale. A ready built and tested version 5 CT1FFU upconverter will cost you 55 Euros. See the circuit diagram and technical specs in this pdf file.

The upgrades include

– Smaller size PCB

– 4 new holes for screwing PCB

– MiniUSB connector

– 2 led 5V indication USB/ Phantom Power

– It runs with phantom power directly from Fun Cube Dongle’s SMA cable

– USB power for generic RTL TV dongle sticks

– Separeted antenna inputs HF/6m and VHF/UHF

– Automatic internal relay antenna switch: HF or Bypass VHF and UP

– WFM broadcast filter avoiding saturation of SDR front-end

– LED indication for converter running

– DBM diode ring mixer 7 dBm: This ensures exellent HF reception performance

– LO on 106.250 Mhz or 65.520Mhz: This avoids interference from WFM radios

– Tests made by hams worldwide reveal exceptional clean reception on HF

– Technical assistance after selling

– Either ready built and tested or as KIT easy to build by yourself

– Worldwide shipping and tracking is included in advertised price

– You can now choose the LO freq: 106.250Mhz or 65.520Mhz models

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Got v4 2 weeks ago…still trying to understand why i cannot get any signal on hf… 🙁
Connected a 20mt rg58 wire…still nothing… 🙁
If i knew of this v5 i would not get v4…


Why are all these upconverters so expensive relative to the rtlsdr itself?