Using the RTL-SDR to help Program a TI Chronos RF Watch

Over on our Facebook page, member Александр has posted about a project he found by Georg Campana which involves using an RTL-SDR to capture signals from his TI Chronos watch which has a programmable 433 MHz RF transmitter built into it.

Georg used his TI Chronos watch to transmit a signal copied from remote controls which are used to open his house gate, garage door, light switches and set his house alarm. When he discovered that the watch signal was not transmitting properly, he used his RTL-SDR to compare the signal coming from the watch to the original signals from the remote controls to help him with debugging. In order to detect the bit stream from the RF signal, he used a GNURadio program for decoding wireless temperature sensors, which he modified slightly to work with his watch.

Tools used to program the TI Chronos watch
Tools used to program the TI Chronos watch
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