HDSDR Updated to Version 2.76

The popular HDSDR software has recently been updated to version 2.76. After a three year hiatus the HDSDR developers are back in action starting with the 2.75 update which was released in early January. The 2.76 stable version released February 02, 2017 is a minor update with several bugfixes and a few new features. The 2.76 changelog is posted below:

Version 2.76 (February 02, 2017)

– switchable display mode: S-units / dBm
– switchable mode for S-meter: RMS / Peak
– enhanced accuracy of level indicators. New calibration required!
– periodic and explicit level logging into .CSV file
– switching AGC to off, sets manual gain value
– oversteering/clipping audio does now reduce gain value – not volume
– fixed OmniRig handling: “MuteOnTX”
– deactivate AFC after frequency/mode changes for a small duration
– Fast WAV file demodulation & recording
– some new keyboard shortcuts
– some other small improvements and fixes

Of interested are the new keyboard shortcuts which should improve efficiency with the program.

The 2.76 HDSDR Control Panel
The 2.76 HDSDR Control Panel
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