IQEngine: A Web-Based Toolkit for Sharing and Analyzing RF IQ Recordings

Thank you to Marc for submitting news of his new project called IQEngine. IQEngine is a free open source web project that allows users to upload IQ recordings of various signals, and share them. The idea is to over time build up a huge database of signals based on IQ data which may be useful for identifying unknown signals, testing decoders and training machine learning databases.

IQ data is essentially the raw radio data from software defined radios before any demodulation or decoding is done. By recording IQ data any demodulation method can be applied to it later. However IQ data does not contain any metadata about the signal itself. To solve this, IQ Engine are using the Signal Metadata Format (SigMF) which allows for information about the IQ recording to be encapsulated along with the IQ recording itself. 

The IQEngine web interface includes an easy way to rapidly view and analyze huge IQ recordings, and allows users to annotate them too. At the moment the project is still in the early stages and looking for interested contributors to the FOSS project.

Marc writes:

We're hoping for it to become like a SigIDWiki on steroids, where people can share and learn about different signals using an interactive spectrogram (inspired by Inspectrum), all in the browser so that there's nothing to install. We are putting a lot of emphasis on education and ease-of-use.

There will also be plugins that allow for running signal detection/classification implementations on the signal recordings, to facilitate RFML research, although these plugins could also be used for demod/decoding/etc.

The tool builds off the SigMF standard for metadata, and it works with binary IQ files.

There's a canonical instance of the site hosted at, the source code can be found at and we have a Discord (

Right now we're mainly looking for more folks to help out with early development, it's really fun working on a FOSS project in the early stages because there are so many design decisions to be made and anyone has potential to step in and make huge contributions and impact the direction the project goes. The code is mostly javascript and python. Anyone interested can join the discord or email [email protected].

IQEngine Display Cellular Downlinks with Annotations
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