mySdrPlayback: MacOS Software for Browsing Through IQ Recordings from SDR#, SDRUno and More

mySdrPlayback is a program for MacOS that allows you to easily browse through IQ recordings created from multiple SDR programs. Recently the software's author (@ChrisSmolinski) 
Tweeted that he's added support for SDR# and SDRUno IQ recordings
. The program is described below:

Why use this app? It makes it easy to slog through lots of recording files, looking for interesting signals. Load a file, and a waterfall for the entire file is created. You can scroll around, and if you see anything that looks interesting, you can drag select it, and then demodulate it. You can even save the demodulated audio as a WAVE file, that you can listen to later, send to someone else, or play into your digital decoding software, if it is an RTTY, SSTV, etc. transmission.

Support for other SDR recording file formats is possible, you'll need to work with me by providing sample files and details on the format. This program is presently for macOS only. Support for Windows may happen... stay tuned!

mySdrPlayback now supports SDR# and SDRUno IQ Files.
mySdrPlayback now supports SDR# and SDRUno IQ Files.
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Seemed very promising, so i just tried it, but unfortunately it’s terribly buggy:
– Interface doesn’t fit on the screen, and elements inside don’t resize with the window
– Always display WFM graph with subcarriers markers, even when choosing other modulation (AM…)
– For SDR# files, only 16 bits signed integer PCM ones are correctly read, the others are read but badly interpreted
– Interface by itself is quite painful to use
So simply unusable at the moment…
Too bad that source files are not provided.

Steve K2GOG

Not an Apple user here, but this seems like a handy piece of software. From time to time I post an IQ recording on my blog and then also need to show how to play it back in SDR# or other software. Now we just need a Windows version. Any idea if this will work under Linux? Example article: