LimeRFE: A LimeSDR RF Front End for Ham, Cellular and Wideband Networks

Over on CrowdSupply LimeMicro are currently preparing to crowdfund their next project called 'LimeRFE'. LimeRFE is an RF front end power amplifier with filtering. It is designed to be used in conjunction with a LimeSDR or LimeSDR Mini. The LimeSDR and LimeSDR Mini are 12-bit TX and RX capable SDRs that were crowdfunded in the past. The LimeSDRs appear to be mostly aimed at cellular/industrial/commercial use cases, but there have been efforts (mostly from Marty Wittrock) to make the LimeSDR useful for ham radio.

For ham radio usage the LimeRFE front end module contains band filters for the HF band (1.6 - 30 MHz), the 2m band (144 - 146 MHz), the 70cm band (430 - 440 MHz), the 23cm band (1240 - 1325 MHz), the 13cm band (2300 - 2450 MHz) and the 3300 - 3500 MHz band. They do note that for HF use, additional filtering may still be required. On these bands the power amplifier is capable of boosting the power up to a P1 point of 35 dBm on the lower bands down to 26.5 dBm at 3 GHz.

The LimeRFE is not yet available for CrowdFundng as it is still in the prototype stages, but they note that the board is close to being finalized. You can sign up to be notified of when the board is ready on the Crowd Supply page.

LimeRFE Rendering
LimeRFE Rendering
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Ladislav OK1UNL

Please, supposed “time of production and price”
Thanks 73!
Ladislav OK1UNL

Dana VE3DS

To summarize!!
This should filter the amateur bands in R2
50 – 54 MHz
144- 148 MHz
222- 225 Mhz
430 – 450 MHz (420 – 450 MHz)
1240 – 1300 Mhz
2304 – 2400 MHz
3400 – 3500 MHz
if at all possible.

Marty Wittrock


Please post your comments on the site at: and look for the post on the LimeRFE from @andrewback. Andrew is collecting comments to take back to the design team. So please do make those changes known.

73 de Marty, KN0CK

Dana VE3DS

Hi Marty – RR will do that..thanks for pointing me (us). hi


Also missing 50 .. 54 MHz…

Dana VE3DS

Hey you guys MISSED filters for 222 – 225 MHz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dave N2OA

In addition to 220 – 225 MHz don’t forget 33cm 902-928 MHz


Yipe!!! YES!!! 222 and 902 ….thx Dave 73

Earnest Hart

Very interesting. Looking forward to learning more about this. 73.


Hopefully this is not as half finished as the LimeSDR-Mini is. Where there is little support.


Incredible…Totally love this and want to see th8s happen..!! Thanks for the acknowledgement, Karl..! 🙂 73 de Marty, KN0CK