Direct Sampling Front End Board

Over on this Japanese language blog, ttrftech has been experimenting on a type of direct sampling front end board (Use Google Translate) for a direct sampled RTL-SDR dongle. More info about his direct sampling front end can be found on this post. Translated, it appears his board has the following feautres.

  • Filter x2 up to fifth order
  • RF switch
  • Amplifier
  • Power regulator
  • Input transformer (optional)
  • The RJ-45 (optional) or the SMA input connector
  • Power supply to the antenna
  • Output to U-FL or SMA (ipex) connector

The results seem to show his board does improve reception. Note that the RJ-45 appears to be the antenna. There also appears to be review of the board by “pup” here and a video showing the board filtering out a broadcast FM image in the video below. On Pups blog there are also more posts about the board under this tag.


Direct Sampling Front End
Direct Sampling Front End
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Thank you for introducing my frontend board here and apologize for inconvenience that this blog was written only in Japanese.
As another solution for receiving HF with RTL dongle, I have developped a budget frequency converter board and have distributed a few hundreds of the parts kit in Japan. Please refer the following link with google translate.
Thank you.