SDR# Website and Downloads Removed

Update: The author has updated the website with an explanation of why he took it down. He has also restored download functionality so now sdr-install.bat will work again.

The SDR# website, download links and repositories have been taken down and probably won’t be back for a number of days or weeks. This means the sdr-install.bat file will not work as well. If you already have SDR# installed it will continue to work as normal.

We aren’t exactly sure why this has happened, but it seems the author of SDR# did not like the many forks of the software that have been recently popping up. The forks may have been violating the licence that SDR# is under.

If you are new to RTL-SDR, our Quickstart guide has guides to using HDSDR and SDR-CONSOLE to try while SDR# is unavailable. HDSDR and SDR-CONSOLE are two good alternatives to SDR# but are slightly more difficult to set up and use.

See the Reddit discussion on this here.

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Poor, poor Yousef.. pathetic Yousef.. first was envious of SDRPlay, now in SHARP 64 version no longer supports the FUNCUBE DONGLE PRO + ….but already, Airspy HF is coming!!!!!!!


I looked for the oldest 64-bit version of SDR# that I have, and that was v1466 (2016-08-31 according to ) and it does not have FunCube/FunCubePro support so I do not think that it is anything that has happened recently in the 64-bit builds. Personally I avoid the 64-bit version because most of the plugins are only compiled for 32-bit and do not work with the 64-bit build.


Immaturity from Yousef! If he knew people wil make forks then why he even in it in the first place? There are forks of many many programs and shutting down a site for it sure does make it open territory for a BETTER programmer that can make a HIGHLY optimized fork of SDR# that don’t need a muscle PC! I will never buy a AirSpy after this Yousef nonsense! Next thing if he gets 1 return and a negative rating everyone pays! That dude is very mean spirited!

The whole point is DO NOT make your software FREE OPEN SOURCE if you don’t want forks of it made and released! If you build it then they will come!


I guess you never actually read the downloads page. It stated in bold the terms of use of SDR#. If you can’t abide by this, don’t use it. Nobody forces you.

The creator made available for use hundreds of hours of work available with one simple rule. Don’t get upset when he decides to revoke this deal when people are trying to profit from something he has made available to everyone at his own expensive.

The only immaturity here is the attitudes of the many complainers with their begging hands out.


Hi Youssef!


I’m not Youssef. Thanks anyway. Nice try though.


Same wording as Yousef. Then again maybe someone who copy and paste for him. You a puppet? I think there is more to the story than this as well because just for this noone will shut a site down. I think it has to do something with the line on the page ” Also, shall I mention the less scrupulous folks who infringed the license, like that one who was caught using our code in his Kickstarter “satellite project.” He also had the very neat idea to threaten me because “I had access to some unlicensed code”, which is a copy of ours.” Looks obvious enough he got found out and wants to run away.


There are no words to describe you I could post on the comments section of this blog. This is exactly the type of attitude that brewed this situation. The code of SDR# was there for everyone to see. Stop being an idiot.

Since I’m a nice guy, let me break it down into really simple terms for someone simple like yourself.

Say I grow some bananas. Because, heck I like bananas. I offer you a bunch of 6 bananas. You can do anything you like with these bananas except one that is special. You can even pleasure your wife with all the other bananas, but you must not eat the special one. At this point you have 2 choices. Accept my bananas and enjoy them OR decide you don’t like the terms on which I’m giving you a bunch of free bananas. Go enjoy some oranges instead.

After some time I notice you keep coming to me for free bananas but are going away and eating the special banana. I decide at this point I’ll just post pictures of my banana plantation instead to my blog entitled “Let’s Go Bananas!”.



Yup Joe is yousef


That’s all you got? Better luck next time. Fail.


Well considering how osmocom and github guys and the list goes on and on in RTL-SDR how many forks off a program do you see? Many! SDR# is a fork off Github and Osmocom sources!!! WAA WAA WAA Yousef! Everyone got together experimenting with software and RTL2832U hardware in different scenarios using sources from someone else!! This makes Yousef’s claim a frivolous in court period. If it was so bad there will not be Github Osmocom, Sourceforge any site with different GNU type licenses!


and one more thing….forks help advance the technology It is to show yes it can be done or no it cannot be done. If no forks off software then where would we be at in the pc world? Atari? Hello? What do you think your pc is a fork of? ENIAC! We learn by example. Source code published to be viewed is an example. His(Yousef) code is based on examples he learned from other developers who do not mind a fork of a source. That’s why alot of us thinks he is gone mental!


Reddit user FULL_METAL_RESISTOR created mirror complete with all SDR# files here: