GNSS-SDRLIB: Real Time GPS Positioning with RTL-SDR

Over on YouTube user taroz1461 has posted a video showing an RTL-SDR getting a real time GPS location fix using his GNSS-SDRLIB software package. Taroz1461 used an RTL-SDR modified with a temperature controlled oscillator (TCXO) to improve the frequency stability of the dongle.

In the video description he writes that GNSS-SDRLIB will soon have RTL-SDR support in the next update.

GNSS-SDRLIB: Real-time positioning with RTL-SDR (DVB-T Dongle)

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where is the guide to do what the guy did in the video?
i want to try this
im on ubuntu 14.04 x64 and have 2x E4000 rtl2382u devices and i have 2xR280T devices coming in the mail
i def want to try this so please do a followup guide.