LNA4All Low Noise Amplifier Review

Over on the SDR for Mariners blog, author Akos has reviewed the LNA4All low noise amplifier. The LNA4All is a 25 euro amplifier designed to improve the performance of the RTL-SDR.

His results show that the LNA works very well. Akos tested the LNA4ALL on multiple frequencies and applications including commercial radio, airband, NOAA weather satellites, AIS and ADSB. As an example of the improvement, his ADSB reception was improved from 83km to 94km. In his review Akos also shows how to provide power to the LNA, and puts the LNA through some simple stress tests.

LNA4ALL Airband Performance


  1. arek

    Some are also using cheap satellite boosters (after modding these by cutting tracks so power will be not feed into dongles and into antenna) for this purpose. Unfortunately no idea how these compare to lna4all.

  2. SDRformariners

    There were an another option in the RTL-SDR group, here is the datasheet: Datasheet

    I’ve researched the available options before ordering the LNA4All and writing the review, available options are either in a kit (I can but will not solder) or have higher noise figures.
    LNA4ALL works, and works well. (and no, I have no affiliation with the seller)

    • admin

      Thanks for the link. I actually have that kit and it does work well.

      But for international buyers, once you factor in the intl shipping costs it’s $28.83 USD for the ebay one, and $33 USD for the lna4all. Plus the lna4all is preassembled and tested, whereas the ebay one is an SMT kit. (Note, I have no affiliation with any of these lna sellers)

    • admin

      Thanks. Looking at the datasheet, I think the ERA-5SM you linked is not classed as ‘low noise’ though, as the typ. noise figure is 3.5dB, vs the PSA4-5043+ which is 1.44dB at worst. But the circuit design is still the same.

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