New Inline Low Noise Amplifier Design for the RTL-SDR and RTL-SDR Power Injector Modification

Recently a reader named Fabio wrote in to let us know about his new Low Noise Amplifier (LNA) design for the RTL-SDR. Fabio writes that his design is similar to the LNA4ALL, but is small enough to fit inline with an antenna. An LNA can help improve reception especially if you have long runs of coax cable between the antenna and RTL-SDR.

Fabio’s design requires that the LNA be powered inline with a bias-tee power injector circuit which can be easily built from an inductor and capacitor. But instead of building an external bias-tee he modified the RTL-SDR dongle itself to provide the required 5V output power from the USB bus. He writes that with this modification the RTL-SDR could also be used to power an active antenna.

Fabio has also released his circuit designs on his GitHub page for free.

Inline LNA for the RTL-SDR
Inline LNA for the RTL-SDR
RTL-SDR Bias-T Modification
RTL-SDR Bias-T Modification

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