Meteor M-N2 now active again

According to various reports the Russian Meteor M-N2 satellite appears to be active again once more. The Meteor M N-2 is a polar orbiting Russian weather satellite that was launched in July 2014. It transmits with the LRPT protocol which allows us to receive weather satellite images with an RTL-SDR that are of a much higher resolution than the NOAA APT satellites. 

Unfortunately late last year Meteor M N-2 had some problems and LRPT transmissions were turned off for the time being. During this downtime the Russian space agency switched the LRPT transmitter on the older Meteor M N-1 satellite back on, even though the satellite was tumbling in orbit. Currently people are not reporting any signal from Meteor M N-1, so this may have been turned off, perhaps temporarily.

Now however, it seems that Meteor M N-2 has been switched back on again and various people have already successfully received its signal. If you want to receive these Meteor M N-2 weather images with an RTL-SDR dongle or other SDR then you can view the tutorial written by Happysat here.

Another Sample LRPT Image
A Sample LRPT Image from Meteor M N-2
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MCC is currently busy with the task to maintain the thermal and electric power of Meteor M-N1 in the hope that the previous failure will manifest itself again and will build the spacecraft in orbit.
All other systems fully operational!
LRPT imaging service is NOT started yet.

Lucas Teske

Yeah, I tested here now. Both N1 and N2 passed over my place, and I couldn’t get any signal from them. :/ – I will need to wait to capture a LRPT signal