NanoVNA V2 Enclosure and Carry Case Now Available on our Store with Release Discount

We have just release for sale our latest product which is an enclosure and carry case for the NanoVNA V2. It is currently on sale until the end of this week for US$14.95 including free shipping from China to most countries. At the end of the sale the price will rise to US$19.95. Amazon will be stocked in 2-4 weeks, but will not be on sale. Please visit our store at:

The enclosure is made from rugged plastic (plastic was chosen as the NanoVNA designers note that a metal case may actually degrade performance). There is space included for a standard sized (non-protected) 18650 battery, and battery terminals are included for optional use (battery not included). The enclosure also has a holder for the NanoVNA V2's stylus, and as a bonus we're including a matte antiglare screen protector as we found the NanoVNA V2's screen to be quite reflective. Finally, a protective semi-hardshell carry case is also included in the set. If you are installing a battery, please consult the installation instructions PDF file.


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After I posted on 1/31, I did notice one of the three buttons on the bottom wasn’t releasing all the way. I reopen the case and used a small drill bit by hand and made the holes a bit deeper. The touch screen works without backing the screws off. I was pretty particular about matching the instructions provided. Especially the routing of the battery wires and clip installations.


I have the NanoVNA V2+ S-A-A-2 purchased on 12/10/20 and the case on 1/12/21 both from If that makes any difference.


I purchased both the NanoVNA and the case from rtl-sdr blog at the same time. They both came direct from the China warehouse in the same package. I too am having significant problems with fitment. When the screws on the case are tightened (not overly, just normally) the touch screen no longer works. The buttons on the bottom of the NanoVNA also do not function. The on/off switch is difficult to use. Backing off the screws allows it to work, but leaves a rather obvious crack around the edge of the case. In a nutshell, this new case is a miss.

For those following, I also shaved off a significant amount of material on the inside of the case to try to get the VNA to “sit” in it properly. I basically destroyed the inside of the case to try and clean up everywhere I could see the VNA touching the case. I got it to sit in there better, but it still wasn’t right. I’m not sure what is wrong. Is the NanoVNA just poorly assembled, or are the cases wrong for the current version of the VNA that is shipping? This is the first rtl-sdr product I’m really not happy with. I don’t plan to return it, since I basically destroyed the case trying to find a way to make it fit.


I removed all four nuts and all washers, and ensured the wire was routed correctly. I tried shaving down the ejection pin molding burr as one of the first items I tried. After getting frustrated, I just started hacking away at things to try to trim away enough material to get it to fit. I can now get two of the three buttons on the bottom to activate. The touch screen still does not work. I’ll e-mail you a link to some pictures.


As a follow-up to this. I spent more time this morning removing material from the inside of the case. I’m able to close the case finger tight, no gaps appear. The power switch, buttons, and touchscreen all function. I’m not sure if the issue was with the case, or with the assembly of the NanoVNA. The RTL-SDR folks did offer to replace my case, but I didn’t feel it was necessary after getting it to function after modification.


Thanks Bob G. I had problems with the touch screen too, and also had to loosen screws.

Bob G

I couldn’t use the stylus once I assembled the case. I think the thickness of the anti-glare screen ended putting too much pressure on the display. Once I backed off on the screws, everything worked fine. I’ll either shim the case open or shave the inside of the bezel to reduce the pressure on the screen.
I also opened up the holes for the jog switches so they moved freely.
I also found that the power switch worked smoother and with less stress on the switch (read longer life) if I used my fingernail right next to the case to switch power on and off. A knob with a cam inside the case might help the switch last longer.
Now I can get on to operational tests.


I received my NanoVNA V2 case today. Have everything installed, looks and works great! Good job. I was a little surprised it didn’t come with a stylus, like shown on the back of the case. It looks to be the size of the old DS handheld game stylus, I’ll see if I can find something. Keep up the good work!


Stylus found! I noticed something just under my desk, it was the stylus. Must have dropped it during unboxing. I should have known they included it. As I said, nice case and carrying case. Thanks.

Jack S S

Looking very slick! Was going to 3D print a similar one but this looks like it’s good value.