New ADS-B Android App for Europe

Android app programmer Nikos recently wrote in to let us know about his new app called “Track your flight Europe”. His app can be used together with an RTL-SDR and USB OTG cable to track aircraft via ADS-B. The difference between Nikos’ app and other similar ADS-B apps is that his app is specifically designed for tracking the aircraft you are flying in by providing an offline map which does not require an internet connection to display.

As the app is currently in the alpha stages of development, Nikos is looking for people to help test it out. The alpha can be downloaded for free on the Android Google play store at

Europe ADS-B App
Europe ADS-B App
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Play store says there is not a copy of this app compatible with any of my devices. They include

N7000 Note 1 with Gingerbread
Nexus 7 Jellybean
Galaxy Note 10.1
KitKat on CuBox
Google TV on Sony

Any suggestions?


Note 10.1 is supported


Perhaps they are limiting installation to people in Europe only? I am based in California, but travel Europe a lot.. The Play Store definitely tells me that “GT-N8013 is not supported.” Nor are any of my other android systems 🙁 Can somebody put the apk online for side-loading?


Hi, i am the owner, check again if your device is supported, i have suspended this app for USA for security reasons of the USA. I am planning to make a App only for USA in the future.
If you want send me an email and i can send you the APK but in beta modus, so it is unstable and freezes!


Still all devices are incompatible, Nikos. But if I know that it is regionally locked I can figure out a work-around, or maybe just wait until you get it more stable. Pity, though, I think this would be really neat to track the arrival of incoming flights you have to connect with 🙂 Usually I can find them in flightscanner, but not always.


Ok!! i didn’t understand what about incoming flights, can you explain ?


I’m just imaging the stewardess and air marshalls faces when they see an arabian looking men pulling out his phone and a tiny antenna with some cables 😀 …….


A big schock!! lol