New Book out by the Author of the RTLSDR4Everyone Blog

Akos, the author of the rtlsdr4everyone blog has recently released a new Kindle book on Amazon which sells for $5 USD. It is titled “RTL-SDR for Everyone: Second Edition 2016 Guide including Raspberry Pi 2”. Akos writes that the book is intended for beginners and anyone wishing to maximise their RTL-SDR dongle’s performance. The blurb reads:

Chapters cover all you need to know for the best reception with $10 RTL-SDR dongles. Wideband and specialist antennas, modding and noise reduction tips aided with images and diagrams.

My blog at is only a fraction of the know-how in this book – if you want to take performance to the next level, or simply have no time to waste searching for information on the Internet, then this book is for you.

Readable on all platforms: Windows and Mac, Android and iPad, iPhone and Ipod touch.

Chapter 1 begins with Akos explaining some of the theory and jargon used in the radio world. Chapter 2 of the book talks about the hardware such as the RTL-SDR dongles, coax cabling, connectors and preamplifiers. Chapter 3 talks about the software and includes installation guides for programs like SDRsharp, SDRConsole, Virtual Audio Cable, as well as tutorials for receiving signals such as weather satellites and ADS-B. Chapter 4 goes on to talk about the different types of antennas and Chapter 5 discusses how to maximise the performance of the RTL-SDR. Finally Chapter 6 discusses the Raspberry Pi and it’s links to the RTL-SDR.

A preview of the first few pages in the book is available on Amazon and remember that there is no risk with buying Kindle books as they can easily be fully refunded within the first seven days of purchase.


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richard smith

hi please can you tell me if the RTLSDR4Everyone blue book is available as a paperback. i cant get on with e-books(ime old fashoned)