New Ebook: The Hobbyists Guide to RTL-SDR

We at have just released an Ebook for Kindle titled “The Hobbyists Guide to RTL-SDR: Really Cheap Software Defined Radio”. For the first few days we are selling it at a reduced price of $4.99USD (half price). If you are an Amazon Prime member you should also be able to lend it from the Kindle library for free. If you’re unsatisfied with the book remember that you can always refund it within 7 days of purchase.

The book covers many of the tips and tutorials found in this blog in a more in depth manner as well as containing many more new tutorials and RTL-SDR related information. Check out the table of contents in the sample for an idea of what the book contains. The content is mainly intended for people new to the RTL-SDR.

Remember that you don’t need a Kindle device to read Kindle books! There are readers available for Windows, Mac, Web Browsers, Android and iOS as well.

If you enjoy our book please remember to leave a review on the Amazon page.

The Hobbyists Guide to RTL-SDR: Really Cheap Software Defined Radio
The Hobbyists Guide to RTL-SDR: Really Cheap Software Defined Radio


  1. wizdude

    I would like to purchase a PDF copy of this book. How can I do this? I can only find the kindle version on Amazon.

    Many thanks in advance,

    • Steve G

      Im simply wondering if there is a more updated copy since Amazon shows the ebook was last updated to edition 7 on 19 February 2018. Some significant changes can occur to SDR in three years. If so Im game for purchasing.

  2. ben

    I don’t see the table of contents in the Amazon link… anyone know what kind of example APPLICATIONS are shown?

    I’ve got an RTL-SDR, HamItUp Converter, multiple antennas and a LimeSDR on the way, and I’m hoping to find more than just a driver install guide.. I’m looking for a beginners guide on

    Listening to Trunked Radio (single/multiple rtl-sdr)
    Listening to Digital Voice (DStar, D+, D-,DMR, P25, C4FM (fusion))
    Using an sdr as a low-cost spectrum analyzer (osmocom gr_fosphor, Spectrum Sense, rtlpower)
    Satellite Images (Weather, APT, WEFAX etc)
    RDS and AM

    • admin

      Unfortunately this is an illegal upload and not to mention a very old and outdated version of the book…I won’t take any legal action on this upload, but if you like the book please pay for it as I put a lot of effort into writing it. Not sure what you’re saying about an “upgraded” copy? There’s the physical paperback for $19.99, and there’s nothing costing more than that.

  3. Pedro Rodrigues

    Purchased it, but am a bit confused about the general frequency guide. Isn’t the CB band around 27Mhz? That’s from Wikipedia. To be truthful I remember this to be 25mhz as a child in Portugal, but memory can play tricks. And things change. 🙂

  4. Chris

    Does this cover how to use RTL-SDR with a mac? (And I don’t mean having to resort to Parallels and Windows)

    • admin

      Sorry there isn’t much about Macs in the book as most software is Windows or Linux based. But if you know how to compile Linux software on your Mac there may be some info for you.

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