1. Moe

    Im very interessted in that project. Just hope that “affordable pricing” means affordable for studends and other people low on cash but still with a hobby. HackRF is also called affordable..i had to save up cash for half a year to afford. Crossing fingers for a pricetag of max 150$.

  2. DeFli

    Here is the thing, you all currently provide feeds to ADSB-Exchange or Flightaware etc. They then monetise that and compensate you with what, a free membership for a product that is free to use anyway? Our network allows you to actually earn from the feeds, utilizing cryptocurrency for rewards is a way of increasing the possible rewards through economic policy (mint and burn/net emissions). For DeFli you can join without having to acquire more hardware if you already have a ADSB setup so it’s the opposite of Helium in that respect. We don’t require hosts to use a specific brand of RTL-SDR nor do we enforce a lock technology on manufacturers.