1. Anton

    “Simply copy the file in the zip into the SDR# folder.”
    So just leave it as rtlsdr_OLIVERHFMOD.dll ? Or rename it as rtlsdr.dll?

  2. John

    I tried to run this on a Win 7 and a Win 10 machine.I placed rtlsdr.dll in the folder.I keep getting the following error:
    “unable to run error 0xc0000007b”

    • DutchHAM

      It receives up to 13GHz in the default config. Sensitivity is lower and there are no image reject filters but especially with an external filter and LNA it will receive well. Output is always in L-band so receiving device doesn’t matter.

  3. John Battle N4OE

    I want to communicate with my nanovna directly with an ascii terminal on my MacBook but I don’t understand how to accomplish that. I tried installing an ascii terminal on the Mac but I can’t seem to get anything to connect. I assume that the nanovna needs to be running but I don’t know exactly what serial port to use and how to make the nanovna establish a connection.

    John N4OE

  4. John Battle N4OE

    Everything works fine on my linux box but when I tried to install nanovna-saver on my Mac I get this runtime message. Anyone have any ideas? I want to use my nanovna to collect data at the feed point of an antenna and my linux bos it too big to move out to the antenna.

    John N4OE

  5. Hein

    I’d also like to know when this will be back in stock. Especially at Aliexpress. I feel like this one is well worth the money compared to the wideband model (which is available)

  6. Anonymous

    how to get your local agency encrypted 101:
    Stream it.


  7. Hooligan

    Why the app wants access to my photos and media is perplexing. If an answer can be provided I may re-install it. Otherwise deleted. Nice idea though.

  8. Gérald

    I wonder how narrow are focused satellite beams to ground stations. If someone brings a satellite dish nearby a ground station location, could he received satellite to ground station downlink signal?

    • Tropo

      Yes. The larger the dish employed, the further you could be from the ground station and receive the signal as well. Placing a large dish within kilometers of a ground station may not be the best way to maintain annonimity however. 😉

  9. David

    So this the RF equivalent of a Lock-Pick Set. In some countries (e.g., some provinces in Canada and Australia, Poland, Japan), cities (e.g., Washington D.C.), and states (e.g., Tennessee), just owning a lock-pick is illegal. And even if it is legal to own lock-picks where you live, it can be very illegal to pick a lock depending on where it is, who owns it, and what it is locking up. At some point some nefarious actor is going to use the Flipper to “pick the wrong lock”, and wind up in Jail. And then the Nanny States will start passing laws making Flipper-like devices illegal to own. But anyway, if Flipper was cheaper I would buy one to play with. I love the packaging. Can you imagine being tried for illegally using a Flipper and the prosecution presents the Flipper to the Jury as evidence? They would snicker and say, “that’s just a toy!”

  10. David

    So you’ll be streaming unintelligible noise to everyone? Project 25 in N. America (a.k.a. P25) is typically encrypted. For example all the P25 networks in my area, and there are quite a few, are encrypted. And no, you can’t crack the encryption.

  11. David

    No way to obtain the hardware – zero information on where you can buy the parts. It looks like we have another epic SatNOGS type FAIL here.

      • Steve

        Actually, David is right, while MOST of the parts have a link on nyan-sat.com, they make no effort to identify a vendor of the azimuth base they’re using. Haven’t had any luck locating a seller.

        • Billy

          To me looking at it, it could be simplified by literally using only two Digital Servo one mounted vertically and one mounted horizontally. But if you wanted to clone the design given, which may be more stable in wind, you could probably use a swivel-plate turntable bearing from a lazy susan.

  12. Kenny C

    i tried it just for kicks, its okay, i once bought a KiwiSDR and wanted to set it up for the website they had i had a G5RV up high in the clear in a rural area clear of any man made noise, but they would not allow me to be included on their website because i dont have a ham radio license, what a joke not all people that listen to HF/Shortwave have a ham license, some people are only interested in listening, oh well, its all water under the bridge now, i threw the kiwisdr and beaglebone it was attached to in the trash because it overheats a lot, glad i have a couple of nice airspyHF+ and SDRPlay, and rtlsdr for my pocket

  13. GiamMa-based researchers

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