1. PG1T

    I’m wondering how hard it would be to modify the firmware to use the device with another (larger) display.At some point I might want to use a bigger display – they are not that much more expensive for me – but the ones I find on ebay do not always have the same display controller. Is it simply a matter of including a different library?

    Please note, I ám not complaining about the current display, It’s actually impressive.

    • John Cunliffe

      I would be thrilled if someone would come up with software that would use a computer monitor to simple display everything the nano displays without all the extra remote abilities. So, just like…connect the nano to the computer, execute the software and the monitor becomes an extension of the units display… even a little lag would be acceptable. Since I am not a software writer I guess it will stay a dream. And why would one want it? Because our old eyes are challenged with small screens even the one in the currently used software that only can display one function at a time per window and thus are still small when multiple functions are applied.

  2. D Gardina

    I have an RTL.SDR USB (square black box) that I have installed both SDR# and HDSDR and both softwares seem to work fine, I just don’t seem to be able to get any input frequency in through either the UV or HF inputs. Do I have a defective device?

  3. Bourdin Henri

    Hi! I just received the item ordered in Amazon usa here in France. Very wuick delivery! Great. But I just received 1 small antenna instead of 2. How do I proceed? It is not possible to claim from here in France (why not? …) so, how do I proceed?
    best regards Henri

  4. dionamket

    Works perfectly! Thanks for sharing! The Group “hold” and “Lockout” features are very useful for targeted listening. Suggestion: for streaming online using IceCast you could add a web-call (with IceCast credentials)
    that updates the stream’s *metadata* with Group & User information!

  5. Bob

    BiasT, Gqrx on Linux

    I can turn on bias_T with ./rtl_bias -b 1 and measure 5V at the antenna terminal.
    I start up Gqrx and it turns Bias T off, no 5V at the antenna terminal.
    I run ./rtl_bias -b 1 again but now the device has been claimed by Gqrx ( this is normal)
    I changed the Gqrx device string to rtl=0,biast=1 Gqrx runs but no 5V at the antenna terminal.
    Also I notice CubicSDR doesn’t see the rtl-sdr V3 at all.
    I’d rather have it working with Gqrx. Not too keen on CubicSDR although it works well with SDRPlay RSP2.

      • Bob

        Thanks yarda. I actually worked it out by myself by experimenting. The ,bias=1 has to be added to the existing device string created when Gqrx found the rtl-sdr and not created in OTHER device string, my mistake.

        It woks now. but CubicSDR doesn’t see the device at all, but that’s another story.

  6. FIZZY

    I am having an hard time getting startgoesproc.service to run on boot. I know that startgoesproc.sh works when i test it manually. Do you think that this could be because of the oneshot command? Thank you.

  7. Arun

    Hi, My android device app is not detecting signal from the Magic TV device though the TV device’s wifi is connected. But my ipad works fine with the device. Could any one provide an insight of what would be the possible issue with my android connection?

  8. Laurin Cavender

    I will chime in again, if you think for one second that a scheme such as this will be relied on by our government or any government for that matter, you may aly those fears. There are already such systems in place we just do not have access to them in most instances. There are many SDRs available to Hams and SWLs you can find them if you will just search the internet. That said I think it is a great idea! Look how it has worked for ADSB. Besides as I said the Gov’t probably most all governments has this type system already in place if they can at all afford to do it. I know for a fact that there are commercial companies pandering to large corporations mostly that even have innocent looking “Satellite TV” dishes set up on guard shacks with microphones on them listening to what is being said on docks and in parking lots by anyone on the property that they can see. And probably folks not on there property if they can be seen! So one would have to be mighty naive not to think that they are also listening to and for any RF source. I have been an RF Engineer for most of my life and consult for various organizations and I have had recorded transmissions brought to me asking my help to identify the signal and what information is being passed on it. This has taken many formats and is sometimes identifiable even decodable once it was as simple as a speech inverter. While in this case it was simply an employee talking to his girlfriend on company time the company’s Inquiring Minds Want To KNOW! As was said this levels the playing field, after all just because a cat wears a badge and uniform does not mean that we don’t want a bell around his neck too! It tends to keep people honest when they know that they can be held accountable for their actions! Laurin WB4IVG

  9. James

    Well i applied for a free kit and got approved straight away probs as theres no sensors in AU.. kit doesnt come with the DC to 6 GHz up/downconverter board but once your up and running with the RasPi & RTL-SDR then you go on some sort of sponsor list for the DC to 6 GHz up/downconverter board or if they think you got a good location they may provide one for free.😊

  10. Al

    Using RTL-SDR V3 with Nooelec Sawbird + Goes. Works fine with my Windows 10 PC. Biast turns on and off as it should. When trying to run on my Windows 10 laptop I can not run the biast program. I get the following error:
    rtl-biast.exe – System Error
    The code execution cannot proceed because MSVCR100.dll was not found.
    Reinstalling the program may fix this problem.
    Tried running manually from CMD line and got same error. The MSVCR dll files are in system32.
    Any ideas for a fix??

  11. European Guy

    “If you buy cheap, you buy twice” – German (not Chinese!) proverb.

    By the way: one still needs to pay taxes on importing, even as a private person. And ecologically and socially chinese manufactoring and worldwide transport is questionable.

  12. Art Delibert

    I’m playing with a new Airspy HF+ Discovery and SDR#. Question: Is there a notch filter option somewhere in this system? That is, if two AM shortwave stations are close to one another, such that their carriers are causing a whistle, is there a way to remove either the carrier of the unwanted station in the IF passband, or the audio whistle frequency in the audio passband? This is a common feature on high-end shortwave radios. Thanks.

  13. Conundrum

    Also found that a blue LED connected in reverse between “Hot” end and Gnd will work to some extent. Halfway house if you can’t obtain a modded dongle but it worked for a while at least.
    You might have to try a few diodes as their reverse capacitance can be variable, for me the first one out of the strip worked but capacitance is quite critical. If you overdo it then the dongle will stop working completely.

  14. Nate B

    Welp, that’s a quick way to immediately kill sales of the current NanoVNA. Everyone’s gonna wait now.

    Also, happy Sputnik day!f