1. Gerard

    Owe, that is a pity.
    Just bought a contour that I would love to used with sdr#.
    Hope the plug-in is still available somewhere.

  2. William R Nesbitt

    The directions for the sup-4000 down-converter mod are no longer up on any post I can find.
    Do you by chance have them still?
    I saw them a month ago so I got a couple converters and now they’re gone.
    Pretty Please!
    Thanks in advance

  3. William R Nesbitt

    The directions for the sup-4000 down-converter mod are no longer up on any post I can find.
    Do you by chance have them still? I saw them a month ago so I got a couple converters and now they’re gone.
    Pretty Please! I’m betting your like me and keep all the radio stuff in “Radio” folder.
    Of course your need to drop everything and retrieve them for me will be soon be overwhelming.
    I have been fixing Medical lasers for the last 9 years and the only RF I delt with was for cutting lasers.
    One of these SDR radio’s might work great for a diagnostic and setup scope.
    Thanks in advance

  4. OKCarl

    What about the Ettus B200 and B210 radios? Does the SDR# (AirSpy) software work with these radios? If not why not? Would I need to have two Ettus radios to tune in to public safety digital?

  5. Rich

    I bought the V3 and antenna kit right before the holidays via the Amazon store. The two longer antenna elements of the dipole both have male connectors, but the sockets in the plastic hub are also male. Can I do anything about this? The shorter elements are both fine.

  6. I T

    If I attempt to run SDRSharp from the shortcut on the Windows Start menu (to “C:\Apps\SDRSharp\bin\SDRSharp.exe” and has its starting directory set to “C:\Apps\SDRSharp\plugins\NetRemote”), it only shows the 13 builtin plugins on the menu. If, instead, I run it from Explorer by double-clicking on SDRSharp.exe in C:\Apps\SDRSharp\bin (which sets that as its starting directory), I get the original 13 plus another 30 plugins. There was no change to the Plugins.xml in that directory, which only has the sample key in it. Does SDRSharp search ..\plugins for the DLLs now instead of requiring manual configuration, or is there something else going on?

  7. I T

    There are the following issues with the version I downloaded yesterday, 2021-02-28Z: In the SDRSharp folder it creates in the Windows Start menu, the following shortcuts have issues (my install dir is C:\Apps\SDRSharp):

    1. “Plugins List” pointed to C:\Apps\SDRSharp\bin\plugins-list\index.html . The “\bin” needs to be removed.

    2. “SpectrumSpy” points to C:\Apps\SDRSharp\bin\SDRSharp.exe , just like “SDRSharp”. Is this a missing tool or are there parameters missing?

    3. “SpyServer” points to C:\Apps\SDRSharp\bin\SpyServer.exe , which does not exist.

    4. Similarly, “ADSBSpy”, “AirSpyCalibrate”, and “AstroSpy” point to non-existent programs.

  8. Anonymous

    Welche Hardware wird zum dekodieren des Satelliten Signales verwendetet? SDR oder anderes?

    What hardware is used to decode the satellite signal? SDR or something else?
    73 dh1mlj

  9. Peter N5UWY

    If the source code (for software) is open, that means it has a license from the copyright holder that allows others to use that code in any way they see fit, within what the license allows. Maybe it can be commercialized,maybe not – depends on the exact license.

    But if it’s “open” and the license allows it, it’s not a “clone” …. it’s just another instance of the copyright holder’s work.

    • Jo Boring

      No. Clone means as close in appearance to another companies product so that people are tricked into buying it when they believe they are buying the product of another company. Normally, the clone is of lesser quality……

  10. ajego237632

    Could you include licensing information about each of these software, i.e. whether the software is open source (GPL, BSD etc.) or closed-source freeware? For example the license of SDR# is very hard to find anywhere.

  11. Jason

    Thanks for the tutorial. My assumption from the video is that a single SDR dongle is needed, can you confirm? Im setting up the hardware/software now and expect my SDR in the mail Friday. Thanks!

  12. Michael McC

    Looks like the hack uses just the Red output.

    Seems to me, just on an off-the-top-of-my-head impression, that the three outputs should be synchronized well enough that you could use them to produce three separate outputs for a three-element mutiple-output beam steering or null-steering transmitter. (Perhaps with reduced bandwidth unless you have a lot of processor power.)

    • Michael McC

      If you were frequency shifting, though you’d need both I and Q on at least one of the channels to get the phase relationships right, so with three outputs you’d be limited to two antennas.

  13. Anna

    Love the ever increasing diversity in the radio hobby and STEM in general. I wish I had more role models interested in radio while growing up.

    • Joe

      Talking about role models, Xyla is definitely from a planet with intelligent forms of life. She also has a private pilot license, a ham radio license … everything she touches is perfect, she is also very eloquent, charming, funny, reflective and all that at this young age?! I am very curious what she will be achieving in the future. Elon Musk should better buckle up :-).
      Having her as role model could backfire, because she creates unrealistic standards even for very gifted people.

  14. Strang

    Have been the radio/ham hobby for a long time and my device probably the worst device I have ever acquired. Mine is faulty, but their US distributor just stalled my numerous emailed complaints and supporting data but never replaced my unit. Those spurs are all over the spectrum , many right within the ham bands…

  15. zloboslav

    Hi! Thank you for sharing this information. I followed the instructions on Linux Mint 20.1 and it worked perfectly the first try.
    I’m a beginner both at radio stuff and Linux so I think that the current version of this guide was great!
    So please consider trying and don’t be affected too much by the other comments here, as they are older and probably obsolete now.
    (in comparison following the official Windows guide previously worked after a few attempts, because the driver didn’t want to do its thing and it was hard and frustrating for me to make it work).

  16. bruce ferrell

    As an early supporter (no longer) I can SDRPlay doesn’t play fair either.

    They advertised Linux support but only with a closed source driver i.e. it only really worked on windows and very particular Linux distros… Oddly NOT RHEL/RHEL based.

    I opened a case with support (we’ll release a new driver soon… slow due to NDAs) and after waiting 18 months, I gave up on it and gave it away.

    This article put a whole new slant on it… The company they have the NDA with IS SDRPlay!

    They’re inherently dishonest.

    • Billy

      That is a downside to all SDRPlay hardware, you only get blobs for the OS’es that they choose to support (which to be fair is currently the top three most popular OS’es/distributions). But say at some future date you wanted to use their hardware on for example a RISC-V architecture, you have to hope that they choose to support it and the OS you choose to use.

    • SDRplay Tech

      I can find no record of any support ticket from you. Can you please let me know the date of your ticket so that I can investigate what you are talking about. I am perplexed about your comment regarding NDAs. We have always been clear that we cannot open source the driver or API for our hardware is it contains IP from a third party company and the licensing agreement explicitly forbids the release of the source code. This has nothing whatsoever to do with NDA restrictions nor is it “dishonest”. without seeing the ticket you refer to, I cannot know the context of the comment. Please also explain the following comment that you made:
      “The company they have the NDA with IS SDRPlay!”
      Even if such a bizarre statement were true, how on earth would YOU know the details of our NDAs??

  17. Jim

    The Configure button on the DSD + plugin will not move after it is enabled and I can not push the OK button to make the program work because I can not resize the screen. Is there a fix for this problem?

  18. alec alden

    Very new to this. Have made a DIY aerial and want to track meteors via Graves. I have purchased a NESDR SMArt v4 SDR and hope to use Echoes to capture and display results. Grateful if someone can give me a step by step guide on how to get this running on my laptop running Windows 10.
    PS I am not anything approaching an expert on PCs and software, so a simple explanation would be welcome.
    Thanks Al

  19. Pavel Milanes (CO7WT)

    FAASGS author here,

    Glad to see the warm testing/adoption, I just want to clarify that this was a own tool that I made to be able to record NOAA and SSTV from the ISS.

    It works on my setup, but when you let the dogs out… I had to face another scenarios and then the bugs you are seeing raises.

    Don; t worry, I will be updating the software on weekend style (remember this is a hobby), in fact I’m polishing some of the detected bugs right now, so stay tuned!


  20. Mark

    cant adjust gain (it is grey out). When clicking on “play’ button I’m getting message: No connection could be made because the target machine actively refuse it.;1136